Top Ten Worst Things About Jake Paul


The Top Ten

1 He Says Bad Words

You shouldn't comment on this if you don't agree - camisFrog

You must hate a majority of YouTube then - MegaSoulhero

Everyone says bad words. This isn't a good reason. - SoldierOfFortune

That's OK he's still good - wolf2003

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2 He Has No Talent

He has lots of talent - wolf2003

3 His Songs are Bad

It's Everyday Bro is good I think - wolf2003

You can say that 5 times faster! - Future_Sam

4 His Videos are Boring

Who wants to watch him doing dumb stuff for 15 minutes or 20 minutes? How long ever are his videos? - Lucretia

Um, no they aren't.
I'm subscribed - wolf2003

5 He is a Bully
6 He Told a Fan in a Wheel Chair to Stand Up

Why is this below him being talentless, cussing, making bad songs, and having boring videos? - Skullkid755

Really? Below Cussing? - AlphaQ

7 He Made "It's Every Day Bro"

True 100%. This song really annoys me. - lovefrombadlands

That's my favorite song - wolf2003

8 He is Ugly

That is not the worst thing - Lucretia

9 He Told a Fan to Beat It
10 He Pushed His Brother in a Pool with a Dead Rat

Logan sucks - AlphaQ

The Contenders

11 He Said His Fan Was Ugly
12 He's the worst meme

That's debatable. - Lucretia

13 He made a song called Jake Paulers

Nobody really cared about that song to me. - Future_Sam

14 He Lies
15 He is Only Famous Because of His Older Brother

His brother is bad too and is only famous from vine. - Lucretia

16 He is Racist

He would be rude to Martinez brothers because they were Spanish. That' why Martinez bros left. - TeamRocket747

17 He Got Kicked Out of Disney
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