Top Ten Worst Things About Jake Paul


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1 His Songs are Bad

It's Everyday Bro is good I think - wolf2003

You can say that 5 times faster! - Future_Sam

2 He Told a Fan in a Wheel Chair to Stand Up

Why is this below him being talentless, cussing, making bad songs, and having boring videos? - Skullkid755

Really? Below Cussing? - AlphaQ

Jake Paul is an idiot

3 He Has No Talent

He has lots of talent - wolf2003

4 He Says Bad Words

You shouldn't comment on this if you don't agree - camisFrog

You must hate a majority of YouTube then - MegaSoulhero

Everyone says bad words. This isn't a good reason. - SoldierOfFortune

That's OK he's still good - wolf2003

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5 His Videos are Boring

Every time him and his brother flap their mouths, more brain cells are fizzled out.

Um, no they aren't.
I'm subscribed - wolf2003

6 He is a Bully
7 He Pushed His Brother in a Pool with a Dead Rat

Logan sucks - AlphaQ

8 He Told a Fan to Beat It
9 He Made "It's Every Day Bro"

It makes Baby look like American Idiot

True 100%. This song really annoys me. - lovefrombadlands

That's my favorite song - wolf2003

10 He Said His Fan Was Ugly

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11 He Lies
12 He is Racist

He would be rude to Martinez brothers because they were Spanish. That' why Martinez bros left. - TeamRocket747

13 He is Ugly

Do to his appearance he isn't ugly, but he isn't hot either. By his personality and actions, I do consider him to be one of the ugliest people I've ever seen. I don't know how others may consider him attractive even though he's vile in human nature. Well I guess when you're a female teen or child, you're naive and think that you can change a "bad boy" ( more like a d*ck) to become good.

14 He is Only Famous Because of His Older Brother

@Lucretia you mean the vines that he made himself? that made no sense what you just said you just admitted that logan did make himself famous...but on vine. but jake took the success of logan - deluxecring

15 He's the worst meme
16 He made a song called Jake Paulers

Nobody really cared about that song to me. - Future_Sam

17 He Got Kicked Out of Disney
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1. He Told a Fan in a Wheel Chair to Stand Up
2. He Pushed His Brother in a Pool with a Dead Rat
3. He Said His Fan Was Ugly
1. He Says Bad Words
2. He Has No Talent
3. His Songs are Bad


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