Worst Things About Justin Bieber

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1 His Fans

I really despise his fans not only that they're so addictive, they're also extremely bothersome and annoying. Justin Bieber isn't really my most FAVORITE male singer, I feel so bad for him. Is he not a human being like everyone else? I saw a video where he was waiting for Selena Gomez at the airport and everyone kept filming him and being so impatient and using crappy excuses like, ''Oh, we were waiting for a long time,'' because he was getting mad at them for being so disrespectful. If I were Justin, I'd do the same thing. Like, I get it. He's talented, famous, but literally, he's just like every other singer making music. Am I right, people?! GOSH! Leave him alone for God sake! Another thing that irritated him was that people keep filming him everywhere he goes. So probably when Justin is making out with Selena, they'll film him? When Justin's just RANDOMLY using the toilet, are you going to film him? When he's asleep, are you going to film him? They treat him like he's Jesus Christ ...more

I thought Justin Bieber's fans were going to be like regular fans when they see their favorite celebrity. Instead there's these fans. I legit saw these girls were screaming and chasing him on the road and there were cars behind them and I thought they were going to get killed or something! Yes, I know, Justin Bieber has great music-HAD great music that suddenly turned into piles of crap. But seriously? If I met my favorite music artist and saw her in a limousine, I wouldn't go completely PHYCO. I think they're all just being extra and NEED to stop. SERIOUSLY! The second some good looking make singer pops into town, all of his fans go completely BEYOND INSANE! I also feel bad for Justin Bieber because they're acting so deranged like they've never seen him before in their entire lives. I mean, don't get me wrong. It's nice that people look up to him but for goodness sake! He's a human being too!

For those of you who dream on becoming famous celebrities, WARNING: BEWARE OF PAPARAZZI! THEY'RE FREAKING EVERYWHERE!-Fender4Life

To the person who thinks he's cute, sweet and supports his beliebers is very crazy is supporting his fans spitting on them, calling them beached whales and refusing to sing to a dying fan because they wouldn't pay him money what a ass.

2 His Music

Well, he became famous because he is actually a nice person, which you are not. All you haters just concentrate on the negative things he does, not the positives.

It sounds like a howling 5 year old girl. It gave me a heart attack. How did he become famous?

@SumuiNeko, that's understandable since he was younger that time.

If I could vote for everything I would

3 He Said He's the "Kurt Cobain of His Generation"

What There is No way some retarded teenager that uses excessive autotune can be compared to a Grunge god... He never was and never will be NOWHERE near Kurt Cobain.

They are totally different because Mr. Kurt Donald Cobain is a grace to music industry and Dustbin Bieber is a disgrace to music industry.

Kurt died a couple of months before Justin Bieber was born. He knew.

Nope. He is not. I bet Eminem is the Cobain of our generation.

4 His Christmas Album

Whoever you are who said that you hate it already even though you haven't heard it, that's just sad. I feel very sorry for you that you haven't got anything better to do than hate. :(

I haven't even heard it and I hate it already.

It was really good. love you forever jb.

Dear Justin Bieber
Merry Christmas ya filthy animal.

5 His Excessive Use of Autotune

Oh my god, people. Justin did not ruin music. Everyone has a different opinion, and obviously that person likes his music so accept that they do. Oh, and just so you know I don't actually care if you dislike my comment because all that does is let me know that you read it.

Who is this below dumb person. Do you know people aren't gonna listen to believe acoustic just because you tell them to.

He is ugly and he use autotune

6 His Cockiness

Yep. THE COCKINESS. Bieber now, among other things, has: been caught on camera groping a fan, been caught spitting on fans, getting arrested, is about to be deported from America, will most likely be arrested the second he takes a step in Brazil, left a cocky, self-centered message about Anne Frank in the MUSEUM MADE AND DEDICATED TO HER, drink underage, and showing up nearly TWO HOURS late to his concert, upsetting his 'Beliebers' dearly. This is just a sample of the idiotic things this ass that thinks he owns the world. And I will not go on about the fans (*cough cough* obsessed insane stalkers). You know who you are. And I'm not talking to the ones that respect other peoples' taste in music. I'm talking about the ones who hate on absolutely ANYONE that expresses any kind of dislike for him, or even one that vaguely compliments him and gets a reply to (anyone remember a certain Brit who said on Twitter that she wasn't a fan of a certain ass's new album, but like the acoustic ...more

This is the reason for every reason on this list!

7 His Attempt to Rap

Swag swag swag on you chilling by the fire place eating fondue: his attempt to rap in boyfriend

Justin. Just because you can do a donut in a mustang doesn't mean you can rap.

Any body who dose not like him is as stupid has Justin is a fat stupid lameo


8 He's Been In Jail

The good one about him

This is a good thing

that's super good

9 He's Overrated

So? There are millions of other people who are overrated.

10 The Way He Dresses

He dresses like a peasent because he shows his under pants

He shows his underwear

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11 His Girlfriend is a Popstar Too

Bah! Selena Gomez is way more of an off girlfriend of Justin Bieber than an on girlfriend. Justin Bieber's real girlfriend is the dreaded Ariana Grande.

WHAT? and that's a problem?

12 He's a Diva

He's an absolute pop princess, which is why he has lady parts down there.

No,this item should be"She's a Diva".


13 His Singing

That's NOT a good enough answer. Plus I'd like to hear YOU sing better then Justin

Justin Bieber's singing sucks because he is a loser

Because he is a loser? Pfft what a GREAT reason.

14 He's Weird
15 His Car

what is his car?

16 He Thinks He's the King of Pop

Michael jackson is and will always be the king of pop.
Keep dreaming Justin Bieber

At least Michael jackson knew how to write good and original pop music.

This dude (if he is a dude) would get squashed by Michael Jackson!

Isn't that roll supposed to go to Michael Jackson?

17 He Is a Bad Role Model

He does drugs and got Selena into drugs too. He got arrested plenty of time and he took the most ghetto picture with the Canadian president. He also shouldn't of taken of picture of him kissing Ariana Grande on the cheek and posted it and got Selena jealous. I just cannot stand him.

And while Bieber and khalil were licking the stripper's naked boobs, khalil was shown to be licking the left boob more softly and gentally, but Bieber was shown to be licking the right boob so hard that he enjoys it.

He also went out a night ago with his friend Khalil and the two were caught licking the bear naked breasts of a stripper. the stripper was even reported to be old enough to be Justin's mom.

This little moron has been peeing in mop buckets, egging people's houses, and even wrote in the book of anne frank that she hopefully would have been a belieber.

18 The Song Baby
19 He Hates All Cartoons

And the fans defend them with all costs

20 Even Michal Jackson's Daughter Refused to Shake His Hand

She knew better...

21 He's Ugly
22 His Hair


23 He Insulted Heavy Metal

Heavy metal is a bad music and it makes people go wild and crazy.Justin is okay but still heavy metal sucks and you can't hate people just because they don't like someting you like! that's wrong!

Heavy metal rules Justin bebier sucks and stop singing baby idiot

Kill him!

Heavy metal is underrated and awesome. Modern pop music is overrated and the satanic (as in heavily terrible) compared to this. YEAH, I SAID IT, NIKI_VANBLOOD!

24 He’s Mean

He refused to take a selfie with one of his biggest fans who was disabled, while he proceeds to greet his other fans, that's just rude.

25 He Thinks He's Jesus Christ

He thinks he's this oh-so-perfect man.

Well, no. You're not.

Your music is getting better, but there's no reason to rub in everyone's face that you are popular and famous. Like yeah.

We know.

He's kind of like a smug mosquito. He thinks he's that good and he can be very annoying when he says that.

This is horrible! Justin is an ugly nuisance and sounds like a mouse when he sings. His worst song is either baby or boyfriend. Yeah Justin, like any girl want to go out with you.

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