Worst things about Ke$ha


The Top Ten

1 Her Voice

My ears broke after hearing it.

It’s very weak and annoying in my opinion.

It sounds... very guy-ish 0.0 - SmoothCriminal

2 She is Annoying

I agree.

3 She's a Blonde

So what? Like gracie said you can’t help your hair color.

4 She is Fake
5 She Can't Take a Joke
6 She Is a Drunk
7 Her Music
8 She Is a Very Bad Example for Teenage Girls

Very inappropriate behavior for them, teaching horrible things. - awesomedp900

9 Her Album Cover
10 Her Hair

The Contenders

11 Her Style

Her style is so awful and uninspired.

12 She Thinks She is Great When She is Not
13 Her Lyrics
14 Her Music Videos

Her only decent one is your love is my drug. I like those psychedelic drawings in the video.

15 Her Only Good Song Is Tik Tok
16 She Smokes Weed
17 Her Albums

They don't sell very well - SmoothCriminal

18 She is Always High
19 Her Name Is Pronounced Keh-Sha and Not Key-Sha
20 She's a Bad Role Model
21 She's a Whore
22 She Sings About Drugs, Partying, Sex, and Alcohol

Not the best example, I agree. Considering she's pretty smart, I hope she doesn't really start doing any drugs. Still time left to pursue academia? - keycha1n

23 She Uses Auto-Tune

Yep. Too bad every other singer nowadays uses auto-tune too... - Minecraftcrazy530

24 She's Annoying
25 She Has a Dollar Sign in Her Stage Name
26 Her Songs Have No Meaning Whatsoever
27 She's Gonna Ruin the Youth of America with Her Image
28 She's Unclassy
29 She Has No Dignity
30 Her Song, Tik Tok, Has Sold More Copies Than Any Beatles Single
31 She Collaborated with the Flaming Lips and Iggy Pop
32 Her Fans
33 Her Appearance
34 She Has Her Own Reality Show
35 She's Famous for the Wrong Reasons
36 Her Stagename
37 She is the Daughter of Pebe Sebert (A Songwriter Who Used to Work With Dolly Parton)
38 She's Overrated
39 She Actually Has Fans
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