Worst Things About Kids Ages Four, Five and Six


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1 They are far from puberty

This is why they are lucky! They have no worries in life! - SoldierOfFortune

2 They think they are grown up but in reality they are crybabies
3 They are immature

I know right.-LitSavage

I'm 12 and I'm immature TOO!

4 They are loud
5 They cry for the smallest reasons They cry for the smallest reasons

Dude, they're children. Not everyone has a royal and pure personality in their early life. And if that was so, the world'd be boring. - Swellow

6 They think they own everything
7 They are bad at English

Well, that's because they're Little Kids. They've not been on this world as long as you or me. So they don't know the language as well. Plus not everyone in the world knows English. - RogerWatersfan1999

They're children. Besides, not everyone in the world is good at English. - Swellow

I'm 12 and I am TOO

8 They are brats

100%True.Big kids (Preteens and Teenagers) are much better because at least we don't act bratty all the time and we are cooler.-DarkBoi-X

9 They are not as good as 12 year olds

12 years old at evil, edgy and pathetic, communists! All of them are bad and evil!

Your list is offending 4-6 years old - SoldierOfFortune

No it's not, I'm telling you, because I've been through it. I doubt you'll still be calling puberty awesome, when you're around my age. - RogerWatersfan1999

How is puberty awesome? You start to smell, grow hair in inconvenient places, have mood swings. The only benefit is, uh, larger sexual organds - SoldierOfFortune

Roger wats fan this list is offending 4 - 6 yr olds so shut up and second of all, sone kids r smarter than 12 yr olds sooo root beer fan is a sexist little poop which all he does is offend and become sexist to girls and annoy young kids like root beer fan because he’s basically a crybaby

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10 They are annoying
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