Top Ten Worst Things About Kids


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1 They want girlfriends at 10

Who made this list? And this is one of the reasons why some people these days don't made sense. The list creator was a child before. And for the 12 year old haters, you were 12 before! SERIOUSLY?! - MLPFan

Well at age 10, kids start going through puberty, which causes them to fall in love. Also, not everyone wants a girlfriend at age ten. What about straight girls and gays? They want boyfriends. - izackak

Why would you hate on kids? I think you were a kid before. - EpicJake

What is wrong with you people that created this list?! You were a kid before so imagine if u stumbled upon this list when you were a kid?! What would you say?! Hmmm?! You know what? Think about all the great artists and actors,the famous leanardo the vinci,michealangelo,the smart scientiscts...they were all KIDS before they became adults SO SHAME ON yOU PEOPLE

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2 They curse

Hey, not all kids are dumb. Some kids are smart and mature. - Delgia2k

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3 They are uneducated V 3 Comments
4 They have a Facebook account V 1 Comment
5 No respect

NO RESPECT? Says the guy who thinks kids are ugly

6 Ugly

Just Think. When They Become Older They Get More Beautiful

Your face is ugly

7 They fight
8 Fight other children for toys
9 They shout and smash things for what they want
10 Addicted to games

Gaming is fun

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11 The way they stare at their screen
12 They are bullies

Let's see this list's items:
1. Stereotype
2. Stereotype
3. Stereotype
4. Stereotype
5. Stereotype
6. Stereotype
7. MAJOR stereotype - Garythesnail

I am not sure with that one - Listard27

These people are stupid

13 They think money grows on trees

This isn't true. We were told this a joke, but we grew out of believing that. - izackak

14 They think they have superpowers

Only immature ones do think so - MLPFan

15 They cry when they don't get what they want

No, that's just Caillou.

16 They are brats

YOU were also a brat when you were small. TO HELL WITH YOURLL

17 They are noisy V 1 Comment
18 They watch Jake Paul
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1. The way they stare at their screen
2. They shout and smash things for what they want
3. No respect
1. No respect
2. Ugly
3. Fight other children for toys
1. They want girlfriends at 10
2. They curse
3. They are uneducated



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