Top Ten Worst Things About Kids

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1 They want girlfriends at 10

As someone who knew a guy who had TWO ex-girlfriends at the age of 11, I can definitely agree with this.

When I was ten I wanted a LOT of girlfriends. The longest one was when I was entirely 10. But I realized that I hated doing this. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

Why would you hate on kids? I think you were a kid before. - EpicJake

My 9 year old cousin told me that some of her classmates wanted girlfriends at like 7 or 8!

2 They are uneducated

Well I wish I would drop out of 8th grade because I would rather live under a bridge than go to school. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

Um, weren't you a kid before? - CoolCat999


3 They curse

I never cuss, hating kids means you hate yourself.

4 No respect

NO RESPECT? Says the guy who thinks kids are ugly

5 Ugly

Just Think. When They Become Older They Get More Beautiful

Your face is ugly

6 They shout and smash things for what they want

My cousin when he was younger:

Mom: get off the iPad
cousin: WWWAHHH! AAHHH! (Throws toys)
Mom: OK fine you can have the iPad
Cousin; YAAAYYY!

7 Fight other children for toys
8 They have a Facebook account

Facebook stupid my mom and dad almost got divorced because of that and I'm ten

That's a stupid reason. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL


9 Addicted to games

Gaming is fun

10 The way they stare at their screen

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11 They fight

Very annoying

12 They think money grows on trees

It's paper though
Yes I was joking

13 They are bullies

Let's see this list's items:
1. Stereotype
2. Stereotype
3. Stereotype
4. Stereotype
5. Stereotype
6. Stereotype
7. MAJOR stereotype

I am not sure with that one

These people are stupid

Not all kid are bullies

14 They think they have superpowers

Only immature ones do think so - MLPFan

15 They cry when they don't get what they want

No, that's just Caillou.

16 They act innocent when they did something bad

The worst part is that whenever my cousins cry even if they did bad stuff my relatives will immediately baby them and tell me off. I HATE THIS SO MUCH! >:(

17 They are brats

My cousins are SPOILED brats!

YOU were also a brat when you were small. TO HELL WITH YOURLL

18 They are noisy

Dumb Kid: You wanna play with me,sir?
Me:What,you think that I am a kid even if you mentioned sir?! GET OUT
Part 2:another story
My kid sister:my brothers afraid of might not gonna go play with him
Dumb kid:no,i wanna play with him
dumb kid:ok,sir.i made my playdoh,heres some playdoh and blah blah blah 1000x
Me(in my mind):what! am I some babysitter or something? GET OUT
'middle finger' in real life.kid looks like 🙁

19 They act like your parents

My cousins and sister ALWAYS agrees with everything my mom says or does >:(

20 They will NEVER stop being mean/annoying, no matter what

A true story which I experienced many times during school. Enough said.

I thought that my cousin would stop being rude to me when she was older. Apparently I was wrong. At a Christmas party a few days ago, she (now 10) called me mean. AGAIN. Luckily now she is older she understands how her behavior affects me. So I just gave her a warning about how I may end up unnecessary trouble again due to my past experiences, she agrees to stop and apologized to me.

21 They refuse to accept responsibility for their actions
22 They watch Jake Paul
23 They get really mad for the stupidest reasons
24 They try to ride you like a horse

When I was 12 and a lot of my cousins were just toddlers, whenever I was lying on my front they decided to climb on my back and attempt to ride me like a horse, and my relatives thought that it was cool and encouraged it! Then if that wan't enough, I had to get on all fours and crawl around the house with them sitting on my back.


25 They get you in trouble when they do bad things
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