Top 10 Worst Things About Kyoko Sakura from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Here are the worst things from the worst character of the five

The Top Ten

1 Kyoko is a foul mouth

Actually, a foul mouth is a sign of intelligence. Look it up - MLPFan

I thought foul mouth meant people who swear a lot but in the manga she swears.

That is not true!

I'll just let Dragontree make these kind of lists until she gets bored of it. These are actually funny to read - MLPFan

2 Kyoko is gay

You're just mad that she has a better chance of finding love than you.

and your just mad that the creator of this list deleted her account

Damn homophobe

What's wrong with being happy?

Well the people who ship her think that she is a lesbian not gay is for guys.

3 Kyoko is a psychopath

She is willing to watch people die without doing anything. Using a vague "survival of the fittest" and "might is right" philosophy to cope and nullify any guilt. Though she's probably a sociopath by this definition as she was born kind and empathising.

4 Kyoko was evil in the beginning

Evil =/= bad

Seriously. Many villains are actually more fleshed out and more developed than the good guys in some cases. And Kyokobwas a really well developed character

5 Kyoko had the worst weapon

Her weapon isn't the worst in my opinion Sayaka's was the worst because its just a sword but Kyoko's isn't the best Madoka's was it was a cool bow that can be used as a sword and can be turned into a staff too.

A spear is a lot better than whatever the Ojamajo Doremi characters use

6 Kyoko is white

What a stupid racist reason. And she's Japanese. She comes from an anime and lives in a fictional city in Japan.

White man: Excuse me?

She’s Japanese

7 Kyoko farts too much

I'm glad anime characters can't fart because that would annoy a lot of people who have fart fetish and this is one of the reasons I find humor in anime more funnier because cartoons have a lot of potty humor which highly disgusts me

MOST OF THE THINGS YOU PUT DON'T EVEN MAKE ANY SENSE! Seriously why do you hate this show so much?! If you want to express your opinion be nice and respectful! For a 21 year old you are so immature! I am a teenager and even I don't act like that!

We never even saw her fart!

Anime characters can't fart!

8 Kyoko is annoying

Hah, you're one to talk.

Says the user who shoves her hatred of PMMM down people's throats!

9 Kyoko would never shut up

And so would you

10 Kyoko has anger issues

So? Many people do. Almost everyone, In fact. Heck YOU also have anger issues, Dragontree. And you don't only have anger issues, but also maturity issues

The Contenders

11 Kyoko is Fat
12 Kyoko died

People will die eventually. Not everything has to be like those kid shows you obsess about. Most shows nowadays should show character death and aging, or else kids will assume that they all will never age and will never die - MLPFan

So? It's part of the story, you can't always expect her to continue living on, again it's part of the story! - Neonco31

Best reason to hate a character ever (sarcasm) - Absolite

Yes well she will either die alone or die with Sayaka she made the better decision.

13 Kyoko is a girl

And so are you (rolls eyes)

14 She looks like Dragontree
15 Kyoko dances to Dame Tu Kosita
16 Kyoko is Not Hot

Like Dragontree?

17 Kyoko is a B****
18 Kyoko once killed Sayaka

She killed her because she had too! - MLPFan

19 Kyoko is stupid

It's because she's the only magical girl who doesn't go to school! Her family was already dead from her childhood. Who would pay for her tuitions with that fact, tell me? We don't even know If she has another relative elsewhere! - MLPFan

Oh yeah she is (sarcasm) - Neonco31

So are you, manchild. - Absolite

20 Kyoko can't control herself

Neither can you. - Absolite

21 Kyoko is Bland
22 Kyoko is a Ripoff of Fang from BoBoiBoy
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