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1 The humor is awful. V 1 Comment
2 The plot is weak.
3 The characters are annoying.

Every single one of them is hard to watch! - Weasltown

I know they made Morgan freeman and Liam neeson annoying HOW

4 It's too popular.

Not only is it number 2 "best movies of 2014" list, but also on the "best animated movies of 2014" list, where every comments clamoring for it to be higher. More proof that this is way too popular.

It IS too popular. It doesn't deserve to be number 2 (beat out only by "Guardians of the Galaxy") on the "best movies of 2014" list, and I will shove Legos down the throat of the next person who whines about how this should've won the Oscar, Annie, or Golden Globe or how it didn't even win the Kid's Choice Award.

"At least It's better than Frozen"- that is completely meaningless now because everybody has said that about every movie that isn't Frozen itself.

It has lost its popularity to Zootopia, but that's hardly an improvement given how that movie has fans worse than Frozen OR The Lego Movie and is just Tumblr as a kids' movie.

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5 The climax is too weird and confusing.
6 The film is insulting to people's intelligence.
7 The animation is poorly made.

No, it's CGI. Not "legit stop motion".

Um no it's actually VERY WELL MADE! I can hardly even tell the characters are cgi! - SammySpore

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8 The film wastes the talent of Liam Neeson.

And Morgan Freeman. Heck, Cobie Smulders deserved better than this but at least she has the Marvel movies to fall back on.

9 It's overrated V 1 Comment
10 The film is basically just a LEGO commercial.

So what if this was "copied from the Honest Trailer"? Doesn't make it untrue.

I actually cracked up cause u copied that from the honest trailer. - MrQuaz680

I Saw The Ending as a Commericial Too.Seriously,Lego? Aren't You Popular Enough?

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? They make fun of popular heroes who are powerful

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11 It, the song, and the fans have caused the word "awesome" to lose all meaning
12 The film will make kids less smart.
13 Will Arnett is the worst Batman since George Clooney

And unfortunately is getting a spinoff movie

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14 It overshadowed "Big Hero 6"

To the point where when BH6 won the Oscar I saw way more whining about how "The Lego Movie" should have won than cheers for the actual winner.

15 Several legit superheroes were reduced to ineffective jerks just so some guy who found a cap could save the day
16 The fanbase

Seriously, the "Frozen' fanbase is downright sane compared to that of "The Lego Movie". Waht does that tell you?

17 It only got insanely popular because of "Frozen"

Had "Frozen" not existed, everyone insisting this movie is so great wouldn't be loudly proclaiming their love for it so much. But of course they have to shout about how "Plan 9 from Outer Space" is better than "Frozen", so...

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18 A strong, independent, capable female character was reduced to a sidekick and, worse, a "prize" for the dorky everydude

And we're supposed to think they're such a cute couple

19 It overshadowed "When Marnie Was There"

Touching Studio Ghibli film that may be their last and all anybody cared about were a bunch of talking Lego figures

20 It was Wonder Woman's big screen debut, and she didn't get to do anything

And Then Batman V Superman, But She didn't Do Much Either, But With Her Upcoming 2017 Spinoff Movie, It Could Be COOL! - VideoGamefan5

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1. It's overrated
2. It's too popular.
3. It, the song, and the fans have caused the word "awesome" to lose all meaning
1. The plot is weak.
2. The characters are annoying.
3. Several legit superheroes were reduced to ineffective jerks just so some guy who found a cap could save the day
1. The humor is awful.
2. The plot is weak.
3. The characters are annoying.

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