Worst Things About Liberals in the USA

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They hate the USA

How? I'm a liberal, and I'm proud of my country. I'm not proud of the people running it though. So, me criticizing the government equals me hating America? And yet liberals get stereotyped...

I assume you mean they hate the USA because they are trying to make changes which is ridiculous. Seeing faults in something and wanting to make it better does not mean you hate it. If I read and go to the gym it doesn't mean I hate myself.

That awkward moment when you try to call someone retarded but you don't know how to spell it.

Oh, really? Don't tell me this list pertains to me, @RockFashionista. I may be liberal, but I love this country just as much any American citizen does. After all, I'm still staying in this country even though you-know-who won. It takes real love to stay in a country you know and love even if things don't go your way in that country. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

They're close-minded

And conservatives aren't? - DarkBoi-X

Not all. - MrCoolC

@swellow: I've seen three generations come of age in my lifetime. There has NEVER been, until NOW, a generation so arrogantly self-assured, so convinced they know EVERYTHING, so convinced their perceptions and judgements are superior to those of people who've experienced three time as much life. And all while being pathetically uninformed, disinformed, (propagandized), and painfully ignorant of history, sociopolitics, basic civics, political philosophy, or the consequences of cleaving to their immature, naive beliefs. Don't try to challenge people on what they know when they WERE THERE, while you've only read about it.

And it's not like conservatives constantly preach about how the modern generation sucks because it's not the 1950s? That satire sums it up. - Swellow

They believe in taking money from people who earn it

Some liberals run the socialiats gruops, socialism killed 90 million people
by the way hitler was a socialist - CosmicSpacer

Communism is anti-capitalist. There is no money involved in communism because there's no value of things. Everything is equal in communism. Learn your different political theories before you write stupid comments.

That's communism not liberalism - Frouze

True in some ways - GamerXS

They burned the American flag when Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election

Not because she lost. Because the Trump won. - AnonymousChick

Yes, Because every liberal in the United States Participated in this.

And they were right to do so! Stupid Americans!
Comment from Europe.

Liberal teachers view public schools as ways to indoctrinate children

Don't some conservatives believe that teaching kids about LGBT+ rights will turn them gay? - RoseWeasley

Liberals toss the "racist" accusation like a hand grenade, thinking everyone will dive for cover. No matter if its remotely true or not, if the accusation flies, they invalidate whatever you have to say. That way they don't need to actually listen.

"Almost racist? " Typical liberal, redefining reality. And you want to know why you're "stereotyped? " You all march in lockstep; mouthing the same pablum, embracing the same fantasies. Who is it that "lacks any common sense? "

She was the worst secretary of state in the history of the United States - DoroExploro13

They value opinions over facts

"Facts don't care about your feelings" -Ben Shapiro

So much from a guy who constantly gets the facts wrong because of his feelings.

I value facts more than opinions or feelings, and I lean left.

Interesting assertion in a list of unsubstantiated and easily rebuked opinions.

If these "opinions" are so easily "rebuked" (think you meant "rebutted"), then by all means, have at it.

They talk up Hillary Clinton as a prominent woman in American politics

Say what you want about everything else liberals, but you cannot deny how bad Hilary Clinton is. - Therandom

They want to take away freedom to own guns

I know this is terribly difficult for you to comprehend, but it's an actual, genuine, declared, inalienable constitutional RIGHT, unlike the conjured "rights" your philosophy embraces.

"Only the freedom of automatics? " Is that a failed attempt at sarcasm, or just genuine stupidity?

Taking away guns is a good thing. Blood only draws more blood. Us Aussies did the right Thing after Port Arthur. And to the Americans, having guns is not a human right and it never has been. - coolguy101

WillieWonka: You got you explanation, in detail, and it's still posted. You chose to ignore it. You really ought to come up out of mommy's basement and check out the real world. Might even get to be a man, someday.

They are narcissists

I don't even like that guy! *points to his image in the mirror*

They refuse to admit that they're wrong

They are both right and wrong at times. Same goes for conservatives. This is why I am neither liberal nor conservative. - cosmo

Hey! Kinda reminds me of Disney1994, don't you think? - NotYoursTruly

Yes. And they're proving that point right now on this list.

No beliefs are right nor wrong. - MrCoolC

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They're dumb

Like this list? - RoseWeasley

I lean left, but I have an IQ of 130. - MrCoolC

M4j0r proved this to me. I already knew but he made me think this more than before. - Therandom

But I’m not dumb, f stereotypes. - MrCoolC

They claim there are many genders

What’s the deal with gender? 2 genders? 50 genders? Honestly, why does anybody give a damn?

I'm left leaning but I believe that there are only 2 genders.

I believe in two, this list is pure garbage can.

I'm serious. They really do think this.

They support Islam

so true

The worlds most homophobic religon, known for killing lgbt people, Democrats support islam but claim to support lgbt rights. At this point the left has broken down

They attack and bash on other people's religions

No. This list is spot-on accurate.

Oh because this list is full of stereotypes?

This list is ridiculously stereotypical.

They only say what people want to hear
They have no idea what they're talking about
Many of them are homophobic and racist, amongst other things
They'd rather support illegal immigrants who could be possible murderers than homeless military veterans who fought so they could live

Liberals are retarded.

They also call them 'dreamers'.

What do you mean? Most military soldiers are white males, so they’re privileged and don't deserve anything! We need to give their house to these poor oppressed illegal immigrants who just killed a few bigoted white males to get across the border!

Well, those soldiers fight for us and put their lives at risk just to protect ungrateful brats like you. - RoseWeasley

They claim to be left-wing, yet they're more closed-minded than many conservatives
They are hypocrites
They are in favor of releasing violent criminals from prison

With the lame excuse "everybody deserves another chance".

They don't care about corruption
Their hatred for actual left-wing ideologies (i.e socialism)

Not to forget the kkk is left wing - CosmicSpacer

They reinforce the idea that there are only two choices that can be made politically (Democrat and Republican)

No there is the independents - CosmicSpacer

They're okay with cheating just to get their way
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