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1 Death

Yes death sucks! Man It would be cool to stay young forever! That would be so cool. It be more fun than a bath tub full of fish hooks!

Death is obviously the worst. You think about it as a kid, a teen, a adult, and as your life goes on. Then it strikes when you least expect it and everything you have everyone is erased from existence

Yeah when your young or a kid it's a thing that you don't want a leave but stay forever. Plus School is helpful otherwise our life would be stupid and not know anything.

Its gonna happen to all of us and it sucks a lot because you don't live anymore

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2 School

I get the bullies and mean teachers I hate them too that I protest against them but be thankful you blind people don't know how crucial learning is in our lives and you get to make friends and we wouldn't have all these amazing things like electricity, cars, planes, ships, video games, etc. if we didn't go to school and if we all didn't go to school we wouldn't get jobs then we would all be hobos I hate bullies and mean teachers but if you hate learning then think it through look how important it truly is and you can make friends and even learn amazing things you people refuse to have fun learning and making friends is cool so stop being blind, stubborn, and ungrateful and get over it and see the great opportunities waiting
May the Grace of Our Lord Jesus be with You ALL

I get the bullying part but be thankful you get to learn awesome things and make friends if we didn't go to school we wouldn't have electricity, transportation, video games, or even the United Nations (well they took over the world so I kinda hate them) and all these amazing things you blind people just don't get it if we didn't have school you or your parents and everyone wouldn't have jobs and we all would be hobos if we didn't have school you blind ungrateful people get over it and look beyond May the Grace of Our Lord Jesus be with You ALL

kids kill thereselves because of
bullies, relationship, ect. (all
in school)

There are good and bad schools. My school was awesome and my sis used to be there. She went to Concordia and said it was horrible in many ways because she can't make even 1 friend without getting kicked out for no reason. Yes sometimes school could be frustrating, it's not always bad if not counting homework. I mean you can make plenty of friends and can gossip and stuff so why complain so much man

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3 Stress

Stress overwhelms your life and drains your valuable time no matter how much you try to live by the ' don't worry be happy' motto

You can kill yourself because of stress and worse, God will never forgive U.School? Without school, the only people you know is you dad, mum, & your annoying little brother.

Stress really makes our life uncomfortable...

My life is constantly full of stress

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4 Bills
5 Worry

I often worry about random things, but I remember what the Dalai Lama once quoted.

'If a problem is deemed fixable, there is no need to worry. But if a problem is deemed unfixable, then there is no point in worrying! '

6 Betrayal

Oh, you mean when someone acts nice and tells you really nice things, and then you find out it was all fake and they always get mad at you for no reason and make you feel horrible and tell mean things about you to your other friends and everyone replaces you with them? I hate that.

Being backstabbed by your best friend is just true pain.

No explanation needed, heartbreakers included

7 Loss

To me another person's death is way worse than your own, but we'll all die eventually (no matter how much a lot of us hate it). Plus I don't think that school is bad. Yeah there's a lot of mean people in school, but there's nice ones too. If you think about it the creator of TheTopTens obviously went to school so without school then there would be no TheTopTens. Anyway stress is terrible, but it's nowhere near as bad as loss. - Anonymousxcxc

It's like part of you died I went through my friend's dad died and he was only eight but we get through it and recover.

It would be tragic to lose someone, especially you're most loved ones like your relatives. - Neonco31

Loss... Is like death, but not of your own. - Serperior77

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8 Religion

Lies used to control people, wake up to the reality of science.

Religion is real. If you have a bible near read this: Matthew 24:14 just think about it and make the choice of where you want to spend eternity... Heaven or Hell? - CloudofMercury

Religion is heresy Jesus never created any anyone who follows him is a Christian and science is real but there is balance

Best to worst best: Jewish worst: Catholic YOU can't SAY OH MY GOD OR SILLY WORDS...

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9 People

People are the worst species. We are completely screwing up our planet. We are cruel to animals, we kill people for no reason, we are stubborn, mean, ignorant, and corrupt. We oppress people, we start wars over things like territory (instead of just forming into one giant country), some people are racist, and sexist. We boss people around, we start stupid things like school, and we are polluting the world. I wonder if alien races learn in school that humans are an example of a failed species. - SammySpore

People are good and bad we start wars and we kill and animal cruelty but we also made good things like airplanes, school (come on how will you get a job), video games, and all sorts of awesome things but we do bad things but not everyone is this way the reason of mankind's corruption isn't the violence of bad people but the silence of good people there will always be evil but the real problem is good isn't doing anything

This should be so much higher up the list. People in general drive me crazy. They have so much pride which they should not really have, especially because they are extremely ignorant yet act as if that ignorance helps them get ahead in life. Humans have corrupted the world with their unbelievable stupidity so much that it is nearly impossible find one good and wise person.

Seriously we suck

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10 Depression

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11 Aging

Man it SUCKS to age. And I'm only 13!

Unless you are stinking rich, you will look like a prune eventually! - VADERtheIMPALER

It goes so slow and, it takes so much longer to get to do things like driving and drinking. Personally I think it should go by faster and get to live longer

Time flies and my life goes by so fast..first I remember I am 2 years old...then I'm a teenager...then I just turned 21, and now I am 26...Next thing you know, I'll be turning 30, 40, etc..then I EVENTUALLY DIE!

Growing up is so tough!

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12 Injury
13 Pain

I have to suffer pain every time but everyone else does suffer from pain - Neonco31

You know the best thing about pain? It lets you know your not dead yet

~ Ken Kaneki, Tokyo Ghoul

14 Homework

This should be number 2 on the list homework is so terrible I hate it when I have to do homework

Look we have enough buddly schoolwork at school so why add twenty billion at home? Parents can inloved with it anyway at parent evening buddly stuptid schools

If I Find a lamp with a genie inside it my three wishes WOuld be : 1 no School 2 : no homework and FOR the 3rd one... I don't care Buț without school or homework life would be A LOOOT better!

I know homework sucks but there are a lot worse things in life.

15 Taxes
16 Rejection
17 Racism

It's just so ignorant and stupid. - SammySpore

Whites think they're superior to blacks? I would say no to them - Neonco31

True, but false or flippant claims of racism are just as bad.

It's okay if someone is black! I'm not racist. (p.S., I'm white.)

18 Money


19 Disappointment

Governments make all lifes miserable with there demands that stress and lead people to kill themselves. Life only benefits the rich elites. Everything might as well die out. If nothing exist there be no war and greed for evil governments. The royals don't care either look how big there castles are with free light gas council tax bills haven't they stole and made enough cash already. And they don't bat an eyelid at the homeless. But yet the working class should donate to charity's when government armies are destroying and bombing inocent lives Villages and towns. Ill be glad when I get to leave lucifers pit they call earth. Take me now please!

20 Mental Problems

I wish there weren't mental problems so everyone could be just as smart and capable. - SammySpore

21 Sadness
22 Haters

Haters are one of the worst things on the planet.

23 Dead Parents

It's sad when it is the death of your parents even though they may annoy you at times

Well I lost my dad but it is not the worst that can happen - morgs

24 Church

The Catholic Church is evil (I am Catholic but I realized that the Catholic Church is serving Satan)

WHAT NO but the Catholic Church has heresies (no offense after all I am Catholic but I realized the Truth)

You are so homophobic.

Boring - Hspencer

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25 Bullies

Henshin! Ijeme Ikenie Ja! (Transform: Anti Bully Ranger! ) This was a quote from Akari Akaza from YuruYuri.

26 Love

How is this one of the worst things in life! - SammySpore

Loveing some1 is a sin. When we don't get it...

Love is the stupidest thing in the world

27 Greediness

Greed should be second, it is that thing in which all hate and suffering arises from. think about it.

28 Copyright

But if you had your own franchise, but no copyright, someone might steal your idea.

29 Rape
30 Hate
31 Cancer

How is this, AIDS, and murders not higher up? - Anonymousxcxc

32 Being Dumb
33 Autism

I have autism and I wish to kill myself

Don't say that. I actually do have autism and I really want to die. Your just triggering me. - Ilovestephanie

Autism made me very Super super super suicidal

I am a girl dumbass

Dude it’s not bad your just Weak I have autism too so deal with it it’s not the end yet dude

34 War
35 Drugs
36 Not Getting Your Own Way

Who put this on here, Caillou? - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

37 Annoying Girls


38 Illness
39 The Beach

Beach is annoying because crabs and stuff

HOLD ON BEFORE YOU HATE LET ME TELL YOU I love the beach tis awesome but its very annoying why? Its because of hot sand, sand in your eyes, jelly fishes and sharks in the ocean, you can step on shells and other stuff, and crabs pinching you. And that's why the beach sucks. Well that's it I hope you vote and go on my other lists like things to do when you see something scary and reasons why the hallways in school sucks. So bye.

40 Seizures

My dies as well so we can be catless togother

My Died from Seizures that’s why I vote for it because it made me Catless

41 Puberty

I hate hate hate puberty so so much. I don't want to change. I want to be myself. I would rather not go through bad pains and this process of what word is also the name of a punctuation mark that is used very often that looks like a dot. - Anonymousxcxc

Does not look fun at all.

Puberty is awesome and you should know it! - RootBeerFan

42 Sexism

I hate sexism, I am 10 years old right now and I skipped 4th and 5th grade because I was kinda smart. Although, in middle school, those annoying boys are always bullying girls because their beloved of sexism, and the worst, I can't stand up for them or myself because I'm like #THE Smallest person and the least strongest person in the school, I know that nothing good is going to happen if I stand up for them. However, I'm glad that sexism exist in this vote so that I can show others my opinion about the worst thing in life and what I hate the most about everything!

Why say men are stronger than women? I have seen a woman with muscles. And westerns treat women like babies. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

43 Anxiety
44 Violence
45 STDs
46 Constipation

Life without constipation would be easier

47 Bugs

Those little buggers always bother you. They buzz in your ears, they can bite you, and they are everywhere. Possibly the most annoying creatures ever.

48 Loneliness

It's hell on earth. No one knows you're alive

49 No Love
50 Disgusting Food
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