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41 Autism

I have autism and I wish to kill myself

42 Sexism

I hate sexism, I am 10 years old right now and I skipped 4th and 5th grade because I was kinda smart. Although, in middle school, those annoying boys are always bullying girls because their beloved of sexism, and the worst, I can't stand up for them or myself because I'm like #THE Smallest person and the least strongest person in the school, I know that nothing good is going to happen if I stand up for them. However, I'm glad that sexism exist in this vote so that I can show others my opinion about the worst thing in life and what I hate the most about everything!

Why say men are stronger than women? I have seen a woman with muscles. And westerns treat women like babies. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

43 No Love
44 Disgusting Food
45 Ignorance
46 Existential Crises

They make you want to die, which is worse than actually dying a lot of the time. People won't actually let you die unless it's a natural death.

47 Darkness

If its nighttime then your life is miserbale because you can't see anything. And if you see or watch something scary... You will have NIGHTMARES! Yes that's how bad darkness is.

I'm secretly scared of the dark - GriffinDoge

Who did this a 5 year old? - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

48 Rain

I love the rain... And I never slipped in the rain also, rain doesn't cause power to go out, lighting does. It always smells better in the rain too!

Be thankful of the rain if there wasnt rain we would all be dead plants wouldn't grow we wouldn't get water remember water is one of the most important things we need so be thankful

We would die without it

I have to clean my glasses every time I go out in the rain damn it. - SammySpore

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49 Black Outs
50 Pencils
51 The Beach
52 Math
53 Writing

Writing is in no ways bad. It's being forced to write that's bad. I myself am a very over-the-top writer, and because of that I hate being forced to write constantly for academics. In cases like this, I end up sitting at my desk for 2-3 hours (sometimes the whole day) because I either can't think of anything to write, or I go overboard on the details in my story and confuse myself. (This applies to summarizing books too)

Because of that, English is probably my most hated school subject. Keep in mind I have no problems with writing or reading (in fact Reading is just the one thing I forget to do), I just have problems with them being a part of my schedule.

As for freely writing? Well, as Britgirl said, it's a drug worth overdosing on. It's the one place where your imagination can come to life, which in most cases is a good thing.

Are you kidding?! Writing is the most wonderful way to express yourself. To 'give birth' to new characters and situations. You can let your imagination go crazy. Writing is a drug that I love to overdose on. - Britgirl

Writing's awesome when you are the one coming up with the ideas and creating your own stories (I do this all the time), but writing for school sucks. - Anonymousxcxc

It is suffering and boring
It is easy to waste so much time

54 Torture

Yes, in Medieval Age people suffered so much, ok, the bandits and bad people suffered, but it have a reason, but, when innocent people suffer, it sucks, because they don't maked anything bad to morality.

55 Seizures
56 Tornadoes
57 Kidney Stones
58 Fear

Holds you back and always makes you later feel "what if? " As fear causes you to hide from opportunities and others

Fear is the worst thing. This is the only reason that anything is bad, because we are afraid of it. If fear didn't exist we would be free to do anything, basically.

Fear is something every person must conquer

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59 Allergies
60 Sleep

This, death, and loss are the worst parts for sure. Loss - I've thankfully only lost two people - my mom's 102-year-old aunt (well she died at that age) and my own aunt (this is a different aunt)'s dad. I can't imagine losing my mom or other close relatives, though - but it's not likely to happen for 10+ years (I'm only 13) thankfully. And no one wants to die themselves, so this one is horrible, too + the fact that just like you get hurt from a loss, those close to you will have the same feeling, when you die - but it's the cycle of life. And if no one was ever tired, we could just party all day and all night, and you would be able to avoid sometimes having to have a problem with sleeping - I've been having issues for the last week with peeing, because I drink too much water during the day. But it's improving because I'm going lighter on drinking water before bedtime!

Why do people like sleep. I could do a lot of things when I am awake. - PanthersFTWpatriotsFTL

Sure, sleep lets us have virtual realities that aren't real. And it lets us miss out on boring stuff. But the need for sleep causes many problems in life. Like: falling asleep when doing homework late at night, missing out on eating, skipping important events like doctor appointments and dates, it leaves a vast opportunity for prankers to strike. And sleep also causes you to wake up 1/2 a day later. As in, if you go to bed at 3am, you can wake up at around 2pm in the day, making you miss out on breakfast and other sh*t. Or even worse, you get woken up 6 hours in and you need more sleep. This is a prime example with how school messes with you. It is one of my biggest hatreds of school.

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