Top 10 Worst Things About Linkin Park's Song 'Heavy'

One of my personal favourite bands have got to be hybrid rock band Linkin Park. So when I heard their new song 'Heavy' I was hoping for a triumphant followup to their 2014 effort 'The Hunting Party'. What I got instead though was easily the worst Linkin Park song I've ever heard. Here are the top 10 reasons why I hate this song.

Note: If you like this song then that's fine. I'm just expressing my personal opinions on why this song felt like such a slap in the face being the Linkin Park fan that I am.

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1 It's the song that represents the core sound of their new album

This really sucks. Not only is this song really generic and boring, but the rest of their album One More Light is too.

I was really disappointed with this song. Like, it sounds like every song on the radio today. At least the lyrics are Linkin Park - venomouskillingmachine

When I first heard this song I was hoping this would just be the radio-friendly single and the rest of the album would be more like what Linkin Park usually sound like, but alas that was not to be. When I heard this song would represent the album's core sound I immediately lost interest in it.
It's the job of the album's first single to get you hooked and looking forward to the album, but this song's terrible first impression achieved the exact opposite reaction to the point where I now don't want a new Linkin Park album. - SuperSonic17

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I think this song is awful, especially coming from a band many believe is metal. I personally never considered them metal. But they were a decent rock band. Were. - Metal_Treasure

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2 It's too much of a far cry from their established sound

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind some of Linkin Park's more experimental work like 'A Thousand Suns'. I can listen to songs like 'Waiting for the End' and 'Final Masquerade' and enjoy them, because whilst different they still have that element to them that I can hear and think "Oh yeah, that's a Linkin Park song". Be it Chester's screaming, Mike's rapping, the guitars meshed with electronic sounds.
'Heavy' on the other hand has nothing that makes me think Linkin Park. In some instances there is such a thing as "Too much change". - SuperSonic17

3 It's following on from 'The Hunting Party'

The Hunting Party was awesome. After the weird electronic sound of a thousand suns and mediocrity of living things The Hunting Party was diverse, with songs that matched the tastes of everyone. It was the best album since Meteora. To think that this is supposed to be the evolution of THP is sad

This really stings, when you consider that it came after 'The Hunting Party' (A.K.A. Their best album in YEARS), where it seemed like they were finally starting to go back to their roots. But then this song comes along and just sounds like a betrayal to the Linkin Park we all know and love.
I knew some things were just too good to be true. - SuperSonic17

4 It doesn't sound like Chester is singing

After hearing this song again I do hear Chester singing, but first time through I couldn't tell whether or not the singing was actually Chester, and as someone who has been a fan of Linkin Park for well over 10 years it really shouldn't have taken me that long. - SuperSonic17

It took me two hours to find out Chester was actually singing.
That's usually a problem because I've been a fan of this band for ten years and I couldn't even recognize one of the members... - wrests

5 Where the hell is Brad Delson?

Seriously, a computer might as well be the only "instrument" that this song uses. - SuperSonic17

Surprisingly, in the song.
The guitar is really hard to hear, but in the second chorus you can sort of hear it. - wrests

6 The title is misleading

I know the word "Heavy" doesn't necessarily refer to heavy metal, but really. With a title like that it was fair to assume that this song would be a heavy sounding song, and when it wasn't it only stings that little bit more that this song is soft, and not in a good way. - SuperSonic17

7 It's an absolute bore

This song has no passion, no energy. Chester sounds bored as ever. No creativity, no sounds to keep the listener interested. It's just an absolute boring song. - cjWriter1997

8 It shows that they have fully sold out

I can't help but agree. While I fully realize that they like to 'meld genres' and do different stuff (like in Living Things), they have shown (also through Living Things) that they can break from their expected/traditional sound and still sound like Linkin Park in a unique way. With 'Heavy', though, it just sounds like every other pop band trying to make a quick buck. I don't have issues with them not making every album in the style of Hybrid Theory. Like Chester said, Hybrid Theory was 17 years ago. But that doesn't mean I'll be fine with it if they loose everything that makes them unique. - Psi

Going from nu-metal to this? Then again, this is a band without much in the way of musical integrity, so why should we be surprised? - Mrveteran

9 It just feels uncreative

To Linkin Park's credit their other albums that give a different spin to their sound still have that trademark Linkin Park flavour to them to give you something familiar yet fresh. This song however just sounds like the rest of the tripe you get on the radio, and if I was to hear this song for the first time without any prior knowledge I wouldn't ever guess that this was Linkin Park. - SuperSonic17

This song sounds like every other pop song out there - wrests

10 Where the hell is Rob Bourdon?

Remember how 'The Hunting Party' gave more free reign for Rob Bourdon to get more creative with his drumming? Yeah, this song has none of that. - SuperSonic17

Surprisingly in the song :o
am I the only one who can clearly hear the drums :/ - wrests

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11 Who the hell is Kiiara?

One of the worst singers of our generation, that's for sure!

I'm pretty sure that a majority of people who have heard of Kiiara have only heard of her because of this song. And if this is the first thing you hear from her it doesn't give a good first impression to someone who for all we know could be very talented, but hearing this song kinda sours my opinion on her. What a shame. - SuperSonic17

Can confirm. And my life would have been much better not knowing her. - Psi

A bad singer.

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12 The vocals are awkward
13 This is the same band that released 'Hybrid Theory' and 'Meteora'

When you realise that fact this just makes it all a more depressing reality. If the song 'Heavy' is anything to go by then there is a good chance that 'One More Light' will end up being the band's 'St Anger' or 'Chinese Democracy'. - SuperSonic17

Listen to 'Breaking the Habit', 'Forgotten' or 'Faint' and then 'Heavy'

Let that sink in. - wrests

14 It has little to no purpose
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1. It's the song that represents the core sound of their new album
2. It's too much of a far cry from their established sound
3. It's following on from 'The Hunting Party'
1. It's an absolute bore
2. It shows that they have fully sold out
3. It just feels uncreative


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