Worst Things About the List: "Top Ten Episodes That Should Be Created In Season 10 of SpongeBob"


The Top Ten

1 Way too many romance ideas

SpongeBob and Sandy, Patrick Star and Pearl I mean COME ON! - EpicJake

I DID NOT ADD ALL THE ROMANCE parts on the list! Some idiots did. - TopTenJackson

I created the list, BUT I DID NOT ADD ALL THE STUPID STUFF! - Jackthetoptenguy5

1.patrick knows to little to fall in love.2.spongbobs what to do list might be ruined by the date schedule.3.sandy wasn't even born in the ocean

2 The list is so bad, it has countdowns on the WORST ideas on the list

I really did not add all the bad stuff to my list, some idiots just had nothing to do and randomly put them on it, you guys believe me right? - TopTenJackson

There's not only one - PatrickStar

There are many versions of this list. - Minecraftcrazy530

His is just about the totems,not SpongeBob

3 (Insert Character) Abuse

Squidward is already abusive as hell

4 Sequels Of Other Ideas On The Lists

To be honest I actually liked some of the sequel ideas as for the rest of the list it's a tad gross - happyhappyjoyjoy

As long as SpongeBob quits his job or plankton turns giant,Patrick is a geinis,squidward is nice,and mr Krabs spends money

5 All The Adult Crossovers
6 Ideas involving the death of a certain character
7 Mario Pays A Visit and The Simpsons Come To Town in the Top Ten

It is not realistic.

8 Patrick x Pearl and Squidward x Rebeckah

And Subliminal Message Girl x Subliminal Message Boy. - Turkeyasylum

What what hell no

9 Rip offs of real episodes
10 Different Way

SpongeBob Peeing and Pooping in Sandy's mouth is TMI - PatrickStar

I think that idea is rubbish. - Spandy4Eva

That idea is so disgusting. What's next, Spongbob vomits into Sandy's mouth? I don't even want to think about that. And to make matters worse, there's three more of these. Yep, there's a Different Way Part 4.

What is next, SpongeBob diarrheas into there?

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The Contenders

11 Extreme Suicide

Its of a rip of of One Course Meal. Of course it's a bad idea. - toptenzen

12 Crossovers
13 Few Trolls
14 Red Mist

Um, this was actually a real idea by this EVIL animators, get this, the people who was 'posed to approve it got all depressed and probably tried to off themselves. Don't worry though, the dude got arrested.

15 Over 300 different ideas
16 Ideas that aren't appropriate for kids
17 A Page Full of Disney Crossovers
18 Some of the best plots are ranked In the 800s

I was looking through the whole list and it was shocking! I found these awesome episode plots like "out of pocket" in the 800s! And then in the top 10 there are ridiculous suggestions like "Mario pays a visit"
Just wrong!

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