Worst Things About the List "Most Overrated Users On TheTopTens"

Now now, don't blame me for creating the list. It's like a clone of the worst TheTopTens users list.

The Top Ten

1 This list is full of hatred

I do take blame for making the list but let me make it clear the list was in no way ever intended to be a hate list a lot of people just misinterpreted as that way. - egnomac

How was I number 20? I was only on the site for a week! - Pug

I do not think this list is that bad and it is not full of hatred of course self destruct made this list - PatrickStar

To anyone who was on the list, you are awesome and don't stop what you're doing. - keycha1n

2 It's a clone of the list "Worst Users On TheTopTens"

We don't need a replacment for a list so offensive it had to be taken off the site. - Turkeyasylum

Speaking of clone isn't this list just a ripoff of "Worst Things About the List Worst Users on the top tens" - egnomac

Definitely. What's next, Most Pathetic Users? These lists aren't pretty nice and very offensive to some of the great TopTenners. - JaysTop10List

3 You get attacked for what you like

I do. See some of my lists. I get hatred of what I like.

Wow... Nice list SelfDestruct. You might not have some of the same opinions as me, but at least you know how to be nice. - funnyuser

For once, I agree with you SelfDestruct. That list needs to end! - EpicJake

4 It puts down other users

Thank goodness it's gone. - Minecraftcrazy530

5 It creates terrible misinterpretations on great users

Like Britgirl, PositronWildhawk, and many more are blamed for no reason. It's ok of I get blamed cause I am a terrible user but we all get blamed for what we like, which is a poor excuse to blame someone. - SelfDestruct

6 It's terribly offensive to users in the list

Probably because you guys can't figure out that overrated does not mean bad and the list was not directed at the users. Yes, the list was removed, but it was because of the way people were using it, not the list itself.

Who cares she saw it anyways

Self destruct made this... And people say he is overrated... But I digress. - DapperPickle

How? It doesn't say they're bad - 906389

7 "He hates me because I hate Arthur!"

And these are the comments flooding with thumbs up. - Puga

I heard rumors of this. If this is true, the only way to solve this conflict is to delete the list. - SelfDestruct

I hate that teenagers STILL cares about baby shows. GROW UP! - PrettyLittleLiars_BiggestFan

Yeah people were defending SevenLizards BUT WHY WASN'T ANYONE DEFENDING PUGA?!

8 Britgirl is number 1

I think she deserved to be here. She gets tons of praise for nothing - PrettyLittleLiars_BiggestFan

She is praised a lot. Not trying to hate or anything.

Who would vote Britgirl as #1? - Turkeyasylum

I hate that that list! - venomouskillingmachine

9 Making fun of America, Britain and Japan

This is most hated countries - simpsondude

Well, making fun of America isn't that bad. Japan and Britian though.. Yeah, leave them alone.

10 Visitors pouring comments of hate on great users such as Kiterensunu, Britgirl and PostrionWildhawk

This is exactly why the list should be removed. - SubliminalMessages

The Contenders

11 Some people don't know what overrated means

Totally! No offense but the list shouldn't even be removed. People are crazy and mad that Britgirl was on the list. Its NO BIG DEAL! Britgirl wont cry or be offended because overrated doesn't mean bad!

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