Top Ten Worst Things About the List "Top Ten Reasons to Hate Americans"


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1 It's racist

Americans once again proving they are stupid, being American is not a race, it's a nationality *rolls eyes*.

Well, American isn't technically a race. But it's still offensive. - keycha1n

Thanks for making this list, I really do hate that list. - Mumbizz01

Are you actually serous? This site couldn't detect a troll if it jumped out of the computer screen. - Puga

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2 It's offensive

It may be offensive to Americans most of the stuff on that list is true. In my opinion it should be changed to things that are wrong with America. That is less offensive. Right?

So... The same thing as it's racist? Two items and already you're repeating yourself. - Songsta41

Yes you go and start cold wars hire go to Vietnam kill peopole and nothing

3 It's discriminatory
4 It's biased

Oh my god, all four of these reasons are the same! - Songsta41

5 They do not talk about 9/11

9/11 was a serious event in history. Many innocent people die because of the act. Imagine, your country, just got attacked, many people were killed, and destroyed part of the country. Wouldn't you be upset?

Thousands of innocent people died. I'm British and I think Americans are some of the kindest people I've met. - RIDDLER2K15

We are just memorialize it every year that's all.

6 They did not kill more people than Hitler

Collectively, in wars and such, of course we did! But so did almost every other country in the world. Comparing a history of killing by different people and for different reasons to a terrible man who killed millions for a terrible reason doesn't prove anything. - Songsta41

In point of fact, all of the US wars and conflicts in history combined did not kill close to what Hitler killed, not to mention Stalin who killed even more than Hitler, or Mao who killed the most by far.

So Bhhutan dident kill more pepole then Hitler...So?

*Cough* *Cough* The war in Iraq *cough* the one in Libya, that one time in Yugoslavia and I can list more crimes done by the US government - CerealGuy

7 They are not arrogant


Every country has their arrogant people, including America. What he's trying to say is that we are not drastically worse than other countries. - Songsta41

Some are and not all - CerealGuy

Songsta41 true but 90% of Americans are arogant

8 They're not obese

105 pounds is NOT obese. If I'm seen as lazy it's just because I'm trying to slow my metabolism down. - Merilille

Most of us Americans aren't considered obese! - Turkeyasylum

They got big bones, that's it

*They're... Apparently they aren't very smart though... - Junior_Voter

9 They are not brainwashed by their government

Search up "Mark Dice" on YouTube, and you will change your mind. This guy goes out and tells Americans that Obama want's to nuke Russia, and people BELIEVE HIM AND SIGN IT. They will do anything Obama says, even if they have no proof he is actually asking for this etc... - Junior_Voter

Only the morons believe it, the libertarians and conservatives are a silent majority. - Stalin

See, Americans are stupid!

10 They're not racist

Everybody is racist guys it's not just America.

Actually... Yes America does have a racism problem but the list is still stupid.

Racism is everywhere not just america

I like how you couldn't even think up of ten reasons.

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11 The maker of the list doesn't realize that the USA is awesome
12 It's dumb

Honestly, it's just stupid.

13 It's hypocritical
14 It causes controversy
15 It makes people angry
16 It's rude
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