Finding the Balance

As an American, I hate it when people make broad accusations about Americans. But on the other hand, what people isn't entirely wrong. On this site, everyone seems to be an extremist. If you don't like Justin Bieber, we all know how you express that, and when you don't like America, you act the same way. America isn't Justin Bieber (in fact, he's Canadian), and we don't deserve to be called narcissistic ignorant terrible soulless people. On the other hand, we don't deserve to be carried around on your shoulders for everything we do. You made a list about why to hate us and made extremely general comments that don't apply to everyone. You shouldn't say every single person and every single thing we have ever done is terrible, and you shouldn't pinpoint our smallest and most prominent weaknesses to ultimately take us down via a website. Who are you trying to prove this to anyways? Teens lying on their couch? This list just comes across as angry. I quote, "Seriously, why do they even exist? They killed more people than Hitler and only starts war. They are the terrorist!" I get if we make mistakes and have stupid politicians that only care about themselves. But politicians aren't the only Americans that exist. Have you ever heard of the Vietnam War? Of course you have. We went in to force our government into Vietnam so it wouldn't eventually spread here. But that was the politicians who decided that. The people of the USA were all protesting, making testimonies, and giving speeches against the war. That was the majority of America who hated the idea of our involvement in the war, but yet, people always say that's another reason why America as a whole is terrible. Just think about what you're saying before you write it. Asking why we exist is such a stupid question. It's not like the world gets together every year to vote on whether or not we should exist, we just do. Deal with that.

But on the other hand, lists like this shouldn't be made either. They're just instigating us, and giving them this list shows them we don't take the high road when we're criticized, we stoop so far to their level that we stop even making sense. For starters, the first four items all mean the exact same thing. Second, they say things like "we aren't arrogant" which isn't true. Lots of Americans are arrogant, snobby, stupid, senseless, selfish, and overall terrible. Some of us are racist, we are the most obese country in the world, and certain people here are exactly as you describe them.

But most aren't. Picture people on a sidewalk in London. They are talking to their friends, having fun and laughing. But they aren't British, you find out they're Americans on vacation. How could it be that you saw these perfectly nice people that were... American? Those are the kinds of people you'll see here. Not the stereotypical shoving businessmen. Normal Americans are the same the the British, just living somewhere else. After all, America was founded by British people. Not everyone is terrible in America, and not everyone isn't. The extreme points that TopTenners make aren't true on either side, pro or anti america. America is a balanced country, just like all the others and we should have a balanced attitude about them. After all, we're doing a good job of doing that for every other country.


Okay - Fabricitem

You seem butthurt. It's not like Most Americans DO support the wars that they get into and it's not like that are dumb. Also, I know this since I am American! - visitor

You should not take that list too seriously, as it was made by a post-pubescent American male, intent on causing mayhem and nothing more. All of his 'facts' were made up, much like he might have done if he saw you walking down the street and he decided to focus his venomous spew towards you. I am sure there are a bunch just like him at your school, and you can figure that about half will eventually get smart when they reach adulthood, and the other half will be causing trouble on their cellblock in the penitentiary. - visitor