My Point Proven

Yep, I am the person who made the list, “Top Ten Reasons to Hate Americans.” I have created this list knowing that all idiotic, butthurt Americans would come over and whine and b*tch at how I'm being “offensive” while acting all high and mighty as if they are the Messiah, when all these people are doing is proving that a majority of the users (even us visitors) on this site are nothing but a bunch of hypersensitive idiots; it makes me ashamed to be an increasingly avid user of an otherwise pretty damn decent website. Oh, and thanks for solidifying the fact that Americans also get offended over everything.

First, let's try to make you guys feel better. Admittedly, I have gotten one fact incorrect: Europe and Canada did have slavery in the past just like America. But the only difference is that there still aren't racial tension in Canada and Europe and many folks from the United States prove themselves to be really intolerant towards different races. Never mind the police force shooting blacks willy nilly.

And on the subject of discriminating, Americans are still homophobic, even with their recent law of having gay marriage legal in all 50 states. Also, what about the law that passed in Indiana ("religious freedom" my ass) allowing discrimination towards LGBTs? It can make anyone sane with a religion ashamed to believer in the same God as those idiots in Indiana.

Oh, and what about the "separation of church and state?" Many Americans are intolerant of other belief systems or lack thereof, such as Jews, Pagans, Buddhist, Hindus, Agnostics, abd Athiest. They are all treated poorly in Ameirica and as a fairly religious person myself, I'm ashamed of that.

And now we get to 9/11. On that list, I made a joke about this tragedy and how it was just "plane hilarious!" But common, that joke was totally da bomb! You're just being plane stupid!

All joking aside, 9/11 wasn't the worst day of all time. One smart commenter (one of the only people to throw a hissyfit), there was an earthquake in India that killed 12,000 people, a lot more than 3,000 casualties, mind you. Why not give sympathy to those Indians? And while we're at it, why not those Iraqis you guys killed after 9/11 and those Japanesse people you bombed? A lot more than a few thousand were killed, but they don't matter cause they're not Americans. Oh, and take a freaking joke! 9/11 was funny and it happened 14 years ago! Get over it and take a damn joke!

That is all I had to say and can't wait for what backlash I might receive. It just comes to show how offended Americans can get.

And the best part is, I'm also American myself!