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1 It thinks that one Brony means the whole fanbase

I may not be a Brony, but I don't think the whole fanbase is trolls. - Turkeyasylum

This guy has a point - Neonco31

100% of the fandom are mental, insane idiots!

2 It uses stereotypes

Bronies are losers that need a kids show to bring themselves together with other losers so they can actually have friends

Leave us in peace. We can watch whatever the hell we want. We don't pick on you for watching what you watch so stop using stereotypes you dork - kidlava111

First of all, I don't think that chocolate baked cookie snacks masturbate to horses mating. Typos aside, YOU do realise that you've been saying the same things I've disproved 500 times, YOU haven't done any research because then you'll find that's what CLOPPERS do and YOU haven't changed anything. Pointless. - Puga

3 words. It's. A. Show.

@puga yes but no. Not every brony is a chopper. Only the gits who like that porn crap.

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3 It shouldn't exist

Well I think it's a good idea, that overrated show deserved it

Exactly. Not everyone likes this show. I hate it! - cosmo

It should exist you stupid bronies

Bronies shouldn't exist.

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4 It is offensive

I only hate bronies that harass people that aren't bronies. - EpicJake

I only hate non-bronies that haress bronies - Gumballs4u

@EpicJake thank you for being the only non brkny that can actually tolerate this crud. (Reference not intended.)

5 Most of the items are incorrect

Actually most of them are correct!

Example: My little pony: Friendship is magic is the only thing they watch. I don't think that's the only thing they watch. They watch other shows not just my little pony.

I'm a brony but don't watch it much. I also watch tdi and Gravity Falls. Then 75% of the time is YouTube. So there. - sdgeek2003

6 It is biased

Anyone who disses us bronies simply can't handle differences in opinion. I am a brony, and I am fairly strong, watch other schools, and live an otherwise normal life. also, this show with its in-depth characters has changed me for the better. my family has even commented on my cheery attitude after I started watching the show. Bottom line, the show is amazing.

Wow, that's really nice to see the show has a positive impact on people! - Spokane

Stop all you homophobic people complaining about us being gay!

But this list is even more biased

Well. I got happier when watching mlp. That's a thing.

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7 The reasons are based on opinions and not fact.

Aren't most lists based on opinion? - Flamesofsilver

I mean come on. Seriously? - Nightmare_Moon

And this list isn't?

8 Very vague

One of the reasons is "annoying." I thought they were trying to EXPLAIN WHY bronies are annoying.

9 Not All Bronies are Bad People/Annoying

Majorly agreed, I said the same thing on their section

Got to watch out for the cloppers, though. - Pegasister12

Ye. Cloppers are the bad part of the fandom.

You're wrong in this one,my sir.

10 They say all bronies should die.

illegal to encourage suicide in most states

I'm pretty sure it's illegal is most states? Law 101

There was a case of a kid named Michael who attempted suicide because he was a brony and people were bullying him for it. He was saved, but this shows how badly bronies are treated.

Those idiots say bronies should die have no lifes and should get their heads examined.

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11 The haters never even watched this show

You don't have to refer non-bronies as stupid idiots. Everyone has the rights and privileges to share their own opinions about the show.

Well you're just butthurt for saying that. Many bronies think non-bronies never watched the show, but some did for sure. I think this reason is somewhat biased and stereotypical.


12 They say it's the solution to our worthless lives

Our lives are meaningful.

13 The show is awesome

It's an overrated piece of garbage! There are tons of shows way better than this trash! You people have no taste at all!

Yes. I have to agree - Neonco31

This show...ITS WONDERFUL! I bet you will love it if u watch it. I'm a normal teenage girl. I'm straight (not that there is nothing wrong about and other way :) ) and I am totally normal. People just assume we all have me tal issues or something. Some might. But most are totally normal people. I started to like mlp cause I flipped the channel and the controller died and it had to be my little pony on. It was the "Mane attraction" which is my favorite episode. I think it's really good. I don't care about haters

Depends on the clichés and some stuff in the show but I'm sure that the show was just... something else. The show teaches not only the titular Magic Of Friendship but also learned about teamwork and the heart. Feels like Disney but much more colorful than an actual Disney films. But for me, it's just to cancerous to look (at the fan base).

There are few clichés and problems about the show:

-Characters often fight for fixing just one problem... ONE PROBLEM!

-Characters are annoying (mostly the pink one though).

-The voice acting feels like I want to throw my T.V. away to the window.

-6 main characters are Mary-Sues...MARY SUES (especially that purple one and that white one with a Brit accent).

-Villains are generic and I don't want to hear their "evil laugh" sound.

-The screams and shrieks just broke my T.V. screen. come on! At least I can use these screams for my alarm clocks. (Legitimate, right?)

-Mental breakdowns ...more

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1. It thinks that one Brony means the whole fanbase
2. It shouldn't exist
3. It uses stereotypes
1. It thinks that one Brony means the whole fanbase
2. It uses stereotypes
3. Most of the items are incorrect


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