Worst Things About the List "Reasons Why Adolf Hitler Is Better Than Justin Bieber"

Yes, I regret making that list, and as one user said, a bad list is a bad list. That list deserves criticism, and that I don't believe that Hitler was better than JB. So at least, forgive me for making that list. I'd make this list instead.

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1 You can't name more than 3 legitimate reasons why Hitler is better

You should've listened when I said making that list was a bad idea. I still love you though. We all make mistakes. - RiverClanRocks

Not three! You can only name one! And that's because Hitler admitted failure while Justin Bieber didn't!

I hope you feel ashamed for making it. I really do. - Therandom

Even if you say stuff against that list, I'd be able to create a more legit list later on. I just failed to do more research. But Hitler STILL is better in some aspects, you can't deny that just because of what he did in the Holocaust. Western propaganda keeps on demonizing Hitler to the point where he's second to the devil, where there are other more evil people out there. Another hidden purpose of the list is to show you guys how much you've said too much stuff against Hitler without taking other, more evil people into consideration. It's like mocking you because of how you follow too much Western propaganda.

2 It compares a mass murderer and a terrible singer

In my opinion, both are still evil in their own way, but Hitler is undoubtedly worse. He murdered innocent Jews.

3 It offends the Jews

Yeah. I may have tried hard to consider that, but I think it still failed.

4 The reasons were inaccurate

I tried to have this list make sense, but it still doesn't.

5 It is insensitive
6 The list sides with the Nazis

Although that wasn't my purpose, the reasons given made a vibe that the creator was a Nazi. Even if I'm not.

7 They can't be compared

Even if they both suck, and they're both failures, it's very hard to compare them. Not to mention that they shouldn't.

8 It is unnecessary

You know what? I can not count the amount of times I have seen someone making a list knowing it would be controversial, then apologise when you realise people don't like it. To cover yourself. Apology not accepted. - gemcloben

I don't care if you don't accept my apology or what. The list just failed to serve its purpose.

9 It would inspire certain people to become Nazis

Adolf Hitler is not better than anyone,even idiots like Justin Bieber. - SamuiNeko

10 It wasn't thought through

It has bad reasoning. I'll prove that Hitler is better soon.

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11 The list couldn't be agreed upon by almost all of the TopTenners

Even me. I can't imagine Bieber being worse than Hitler even if I made the list.

12 Comparing a singer to a world leader
13 The only reason he's better is because he killed himself
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