Worst Things About the List "Top 10 Reasons Why Frozen Is Better Than Toy Story"


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1 It Isn't

One of the best lists on site. Let's hope frozen fans or Justin Bieber lover ruin this. Yes, Justin Bieber lover is the frozen fan who types in caps. - Therandom

Whoever made this list I am eternally grateful!

I meant don't ruin this list. - Therandom

2 It's Totally Inaccurate
3 It Shouldn't Exist

Why shouldn't Toy Story exist? Huh?

4 It Made Me Cringe When I Saw the Title

I just stuck my middle finger up when this list came out. Frozen will never be a legend like Toy Story. - AaronCoolness

I'm gonna be honest, this list isn't much less cringeworthy

5 It's Pretty Much Saying That Kristen Bell Is Better Than Tom Hanks
6 Apparently, Frozen Has a Better Villain

Wasn't the villain Hans? He was a boring villain. Toy Story by far has more creative characters than frozen. sure I'll give them Olaf, but all the characters in toy story where toys! I even found the Lego movie better than Frozen.

I Don't Even Remember The Villain In Frozen - BeatlesFan1964

Who's the villain. It's way too confusing - SammySpore

Was there really a "villain? "

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7 It's Mean

How is Toy Story mean? Huh?

Suck your mother doodos

8 It's Another Frozen Themed List

We don't need ANOTHER list for Frozen! There's already a gazillion other Frozen lists we are ALL sick of - kaitlynrad11

9 It Compares One of the Best Animated Movies of All Time to Frozen

Frozen is one of the best animated films ever!

10 It calls Toy Story boring

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11 It claims Frozen is "more wholesome" then Toy Story despite Toy Story being rated G while Frozen is PG
12 It claims "Frozen has better voices" even though we all know Toy Story has some of the best voice acting ever
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