Top Ten Worst Things About the List "Top Ten Reasons Why Sonic Is Better Than Mario"


The Top Ten

1 Apparently, Sonic's Supporting Characters Are Better

Tails built - yes, built - a plane that can turn into a cooler plane that can turn into a robot. What does Luigi have?

Well, he has a vacuum. I guess that's cool.

Also, Knuckles has super strength, Shadow has chaos powers, Silver has telekinesis, and Blaze has fire powers.

Waluigi gets a pinball level, Toad is annoying, Peach is a professional Damsel-in-Distress, and HI I'M DAISY! - SuperHedgehog03

Yes, Better Than Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Toad, Wario, Waluigi, And Bowser. - BeatlesFan1964

2 It Literally Says "Blue Is Better Than Red"

Yes, I Agree, But What Does That Have To Do With Anything? - BeatlesFan1964

3 Nintendo > Sega

Sonic vs. Mario, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Metroid, Zelda, Metal Gear Solid, And Star Fox - BeatlesFan1964

4 According To That List, Being A Silent Character Is Bad

Ness is a silent chatacter and lot of people like him

5 Mario Has Better Games

I Never See Sonic On Lists Of The Best Video Games - BeatlesFan1964

6 Mario, Apparently Has No Plot

It has a plot. A stupid one. Sonic saved a city, saved the world 5 times, and saved time twice.

Mario saves the princess. Every. Single TIME! - SuperHedgehog03

SuperHedgehog03, Sonic has actually saved time THREE TIMES: Generations, '06, and CD.

7 Sonic's World Is Less Interesting

Yes, clearly two pyramid bases, an ice cave, and two secret Death Star bases in space are much less interesting than brick path, underground, and castle. Clearly, Mario has all the good level designs - SuperHedgehog03

8 Mario Is Way More Iconic

Who gives a crap?!

Popular does not always mean good! Justin Bieber is popular, is he good?

9 Mario is retro

Mario is Iconic sure he has no personality, but he has good gameplay that's basically all he has!

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