Top Ten Worst Things About the List "Top Ten Worst Things About the Loud House"


The Top Ten

1 Too many comparisons

Lincoln has nothing in common with Greg Heffley. - kcianciulli

And The Award For The Most Comparisons Goes to Grojband. - kcianciulli

The comparisons will ruin anyone's idea for a fanfiction crossover.

2 Most of the items aren't true
3 It's ruining The Loud House's reputation
4 It's ruining Chris Savino's reputation

The fact that TLH fans are complaining about "ruining the reputation" of a man who was accused of sexual harassment says a lot about them.

5 It falsely states that Lincoln is a terrible protagonist
6 It falsely states that The Loud House is racist
7 The Loud House didn't kill the 2010s
8 Chris Savino didn't "ruin" Dexter's Laboratory and The Powerpuff Girls

Uh... yes, he did. He made them UNGODLY boring!

9 It falsely states that The Loud House killed the 2010s
10 It falsely states that The Loud House is aired too much.

The Loud House only airs 3 times a day on weekdays.

3 times a day on weekdays is too much for a crappy show like this which encourages stereotypes and has too much toilet humor.

The Contenders

11 Lincoln is a good protagonist

That’s just an opinion. If somebody says that Lincoln is not a good protagonist it’s their opinion. Leave them alone.

12 They didn't ruin Christmas
13 Most of the items don't make sense

I agree.

14 Lori is nothing like Mr. Krabs

At Least Lori doesn't drive someone to suicide.

15 The Loud House doesn't use slang
16 There are homophobic items on the list
17 Most of the items are offensive
18 Too many references to Grojband
19 Family Guy comparisons
20 Most of the items are stupid
21 Lincoln and Brian Griffin are nothing alike
22 Leni and post movie Patrick aren't alike
23 All of the bashing on Chris Savino
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