A Petition

This is a petition from the users of TheTopTens to have the list "Worst Users on TheTopTens" removed from the site. That list has created bad blood among members, and it has served no positive purpose at all.

Please add a "signature" below in the form of a comment, and tell others about this petition. Post a sentence or two on your profile page, and message your followers.


I'll start us off.
PetSounds - PetSounds

I vote for this list to be removed from this site
~Kiteretsunu~ - Kiteretsunu

Agree with this. Signed, P.W. - PositronWildhawk

JaysTop10List - JaysTop10List

Yay I hate that list Signature:Dylan - hurjelert


(This is my signature I guess? But yeah, there is a lot of haters on here who say idiotic things about good users on here. ) - NerdyPweeps

I agree.

Keyson - keyson

ok - kormo

€¦and now it has been removed! Thank-you to all who participated in the campaign. - PetSounds

I just wanted to ask whoo was on this list because I never saw it - simpsondude

aarond90 - aarond90

Here's my signature - EvilAngel

Good job. - yatharthb

RalphBob (The List was Already Removed, But I Still Sign Because it Has Clones That Should Be Removed. ) - RalphBob

-EpicJake (yeah, I had to sign, even though it has been removed 10 months ago) - EpicJake

You guys do know that people are allowed to have their own opinions right? - Fabio-Fabulous-of-swag-town

Also thank you to whoever flagged my comment. I appreciate it. - Fabio-Fabulous-of-swag-town