The Top Ten Worst Things About Little Brothers

When you see this stuff you will so want to get mad at your bro

The Top Ten

1 He asked the same question over and over V 1 Comment
2 Temper tantrums

He sounds like a teenage girl with a lot of puberty when he Does these temper tantrum's

3 Bunny ears

I mean he does know what that mean right right!

4 Tapping head

What the hell this list makes no sense

V 1 Comment
5 Wake You Up In The Morning

He Is So Annoying With This Stuff It Is Just Plain Annoying

6 Gets Obsessed With Things Like Marvel, Star Wars And Power Rangers

He Always Bugs Me About Star Wars Battlefront

I bugged my sister about Trigun the anime

I do that a lot

7 Breath

Sometimes you can't even talk to him because bad breath I mean ue gross šŸ˜·

8 Crybaby madness

He's always crying if he doesn't get his way

So True He Cried To My Mom About Some Lego Star Wars Book He Did'nt Get on His B-Day

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9 He is always right

She you get the question right then in a annoying voice you hear the word I'm right I mean kill me

My little brother hates being wrong so if you argue with him, your point is invalid

10 Taking his shirt off

He is always taking shirt off even at this time outside

The Newcomers

? They break your computer on purpose and you are punished

Little monstersā€¦ - Miauzer

? They give you the Dutch oven

The Contenders

11 I get it session

He is always going to Thor a temper tantrum if he doesn't get his way

12 I want it session

He will always say I wan it and oh my God it is so annoying

13 Gets Obsessed with F-Zero GP Legend
14 Pesters You
15 They pull down your towel when you come out of the shower
16 They annoy you with teen titans go jokes
17 Gets obsessed with toilet jokes
18 Doesn't Like to Do Anything (No Responsibility)

My brother doesn't like to do nothing. He just keeps bringing the question "Am I the oldest here?! " up. Yeah, it's never "I'll do this" but more of "I'll play and you do (insert errand/chore here)! *pushes you and shuts the door*"

19 They watch Teen Titans Go
20 They Imitate Teen Titans Go
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1. Temper tantrums
2. Wake You Up In The Morning
3. Gets Obsessed With Things Like Marvel, Star Wars And Power Rangers



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