Top Ten Worst Things About the Little League World Series

The Little League World Series is one of the most anticipated events of the year with small towns making a big impact. Kids from around the world who are just 11-13 years old. But these are the reasons why I thing the LLWS is not that great after all. Please Comment to let me know what I did good on and should improve.

The Top Ten

1 The Pressure On the Kids
2 Those Flat Billed Caps
3 Parent's Being Totally Obsessed With Their Kid
4 The Commentators Are Overly Protective On the Kids

Whenever a kid makes a mistake, the announcers say " In 1 hour he will forget about it and eating pizza with his friends". That might not be true someone might say when he is at work when he is 30 years old, " You are that guy who dropped the ball at the Little League game. And when some kid is crying the commentator says " He just has butterflies in his stomach" - newenglander1

5 Dugout the Mascot
6 Random People Showing Up at a Kids Game
7 ESPN Has Too Much Coverage

What's so wrong with the MLB?

8 The Terrible Theme Music
9 In the Regional Opening Rounds, the Games Are Blowouts
10 Huge Kids Play Against Small Kids

The Contenders

11 When the Coaches Go to the Mound and Talk

On National T.V. they have wired with what the coach is saying and he is not saying anything about strategy and is asking if they are having fun. - newenglander1

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