Worst Things About Little Siblings


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1 They cry for the smallest reasons They cry for the smallest reasons
2 They get away with a lot of things
3 They steal your clothing
4 They make your life hard

How so? If it weren't for the younger siblings you'd have to do dishes 100% of the time and not just 50%. - AnonymousChick

I do have to do dishes all the time with a younger sibling or not. - humanperson

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5 They take your food
6 They steal the attention of your parents

That's good,the parents won't get in your buisness - Nateawesomeness

7 Your parents give you the responsibility to take care of them

And they get mad if you screw up! Why can't THEY take care of them? They're THEIR child! - NikBrusk

Yeah, which is annoying, because my sister is hard to take care of - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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8 They are tattle tales
9 They are spoiled

Stereotypes - Nateawesomeness

10 They come in to your room and don't leave

I'm sorry my sister and I share rooms. I'm trying to make that change more than she is. - AnonymousChick

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11 Your parents give them more respect

Well if my sister wants respect she should stop bragging that her only bad grade was a 7 when I get 9s and 10s - AnonymousChick

Maybe I should make this list more clear: worst things about little sibling 2-4 of age - humanperson

So what,it's not like they don't love you,and once again,the PARENT'S,are responsible for that - Nateawesomeness

I don't deserve respect? I don't call peoples lists STUPID! By the way I flagged your comments about that! - humanperson

12 They treat you like a dog and completely get away with it

My sister treat me like I'm not her older sibling. She may seem friendly to me at times, but at other times, she can hate me for NO REASON (probably because I poked her once or twice. What a reason to hate someone) and gets away with it. I honestly don't care about what she thinks about me, but what annoys me is how my parents think she's the kind one while I'm the mean and harsh one (I feel like I wanna laugh whenever my oarents say that). Yeah, I can be mean and harsh at times with my sister, but I'm actually quite a very kind person. She just very rarely give me a chance to show my kind side, that's why. And she can be mean to me, so of course I'm going to be a little "harsh" to her at times - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

I treat my older sister like a human. Wether I treat her a a human I do like, or don't like, I still treat her like a human. - AnonymousChick

I'm not targeting you or insulting you. I'm talking about my younger brother. - humanperson

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13 They hurt you physically and emotionally

And guess who get blamed by the parents? ME (the oldest sibling). Why? For self-defense of course! Self-defensing against your younger sibling is forbidden! - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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14 If there is an event that you want to go to, they have to come along
15 Your parents force you to watch them during fun things just so they can enjoy themselves

What...MY happiness doesn't matter but there's does? - humanperson

16 They force you to play stupid boring pretend games with them like "police officers" or "superheros".
17 They are evil
18 Parents love them more than you just because they're younger

Parents: We love you both equally. You don't have to be jealous of your younger sister
Me on the inside: LOL LOL LOL! *laughs hard* If you REALLY love us equally, then why are you harsher to me than to her? Why do you give her way more attention? Why do you let her insult me, but don't allow me to "insult" her? Why do you trust her more than me? Why do you say positive things about her, but you almost always say negative things about me? Wait, you don't have to answer, because I already know it. It's because "she's younger", is it? - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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19 They know you have more experience in life so they ask you stuff

Hows this bad. - humanperson

20 They wake you up for no reason
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