Top 10 Worst Things About Living In an Apartment


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1 Sharing a room with a younger sibling

Good thing I don't have to live in an apartment. We all have our own rooms. - cosmo

My sister basically messes up the whole room. - JaysTop10List

2 Spiders in the kitchen
3 Looks boring

Not a lot of decorations. - CartoonsGirl

4 Less space to put your stuff in
5 Expensive rent

A lot of rents these days cost like $1,000 - CartoonsGirl

6 You can hear noises from other rooms

I can hear my brothers trains when I am in my mom and dad's room. - CartoonsGirl

I couldn't sleep one night when I was living in an apartment, because above me, some people from my school were doing it. - Caleb9000

7 Bathroom problems

I only have 2 bathrooms and 4 people that could take forever in there. - CartoonsGirl

8 Less likely your friends are in the neighborhood

I have no friends in this neighborhood ( maybe 7 or 8) but the school I go to I have a lot of friends. - JaysTop10List

9 It could be disgusting V 2 Comments
10 When your entire family comes and it could be crowded

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11 Insufficient space to fit clotheslines
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