My Two Cents On: TLH Fandom

You probably read the title, got interested in what I was going to say, and started to read this. You probably already know that my stance on the issue in my title is negative. That’s because TLH fandom is insanely overhated. Sure, it is bad, but does it really deserve all the hate it gets? Let’s look at some common arguments when ranting about TLH fandom.

”There’s incest in the fandom.”
What is wrong with incest? Sure, their offspring will come out deformed, but that’s practically it. And besides, some people have written incest like an actual romantic relationship, and it works. Don’t even get me started on the fan arts. Every single cartoon fandom has them, so why is TLH’s fanarts any different?

”The fans are butthurt and can’t handle other opinions.”
I have experience with both rabid haters and rabid fans of this show, and both of them are horrible people. The rabid fans call this the best show ever, think Lincoln is a saint and hope nothing ever happens to him, bash people when they don’t like it or don’t find it the best thing ever, all of them, or a combination of 2. The haters aren’t much better. Some of them give stupid reasons for hating it, like the fact that it’s a modern Nickelodeon show, and others are just plain annoying. On my TTT account, a person called AinezoChan is an absolutely horrible user and bashes TLH at every chance she gets. But the rabid fans/haters are only 10% of the show’s audience. The other 90% are willing to have a nice and calm debate over the show and will respect your opinions.

“The show is overrated.”
Let’s look at this show objectively for a second. It has a 7.8 on IMDB. It has been nominated for four awards and won two of them. I think it’s safe to say that this show gets a lot of praise. But is it overrated? That’s opinionated.

”It killed the show.”
For a show to get worse, it’s wildly agreed that it has to go through seasonal rot, which includes flanderization, uninteresting plots, lackluster writing and unfunny jokes. The Loud House hasn’t done that yet, and if it has, the fandom hasn’t been able to have an influence on those effects.

That’s it? I thought there would be more. If you have any complaints about the fandom that I haven’t already listed, please say so in the comments below.


Umm I dunno, I'm split - visitor

In my opinion, it's a bad fandom, but it's not bad in a way that makes it stand out besides the extreme incest. - Skullkid755

It's overrated and I have WAY better things to do but I'm not a T.V. guy anyways. The show's cringey to me but if you like it, you do, I guess. Just don't shove it in my face (which most don't) and I'm good... - visitor

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