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21 It is boring

True it's pretty boring but it is not a huge problem. - LARRY21

I agree a little but something like shimmer and shine way boing - epictoonsfan1

22 It killed the 2010s

The 2010s, a wonderful and amazing decade for animation has been ruined by this abomination! They turned the 2010s, a fantastic decade, into the 2000s, a horrible decade. Even in the 2010s, Chris Savino still sucks.

Yeah, I'm literally dead serious. This show FAILED to save Nickelodeon, when in reality, it killed one of the greatest decades in animation history. Mr. Enter should've known about this by now. At least Nickelodeon has a new somewhat REASONABLY loud and cartoony Nicktoon like Bunsen is a Beast. At least Bunsen is a Beast wasn't as loud, cartoony, zany, or obnoxious as this show. When the 2010s are over, I wanna see the Loud House on EVERYONE's worst animated shows of the 2010s list!

Don't even get me STARTED on Allen Gregory OR Breadwinners! The Loud House is made only for 2000s kids! Which makes perfect sense, because this show has nothing to do with the 2010s. Look, you can do ruin animation with the 1970s, you can do that with the 2000s. But the 2010s are like a medieval fantasy world with dragons, with wizards, with witches, with magic, with sorcery, with adventure, filled with timeless shows such as Adventure Time, Regular Show, Grojband, Sonic Boom, the Amazing World of Gumball, Uncle Grandpa, Steven Universe, Clarence, Legend of Korra, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Atomic Puppet, Wander Over Yonder, Gravity Falls, T. U. F. F. Puppy, Milo Murphy's Law, Billy Dilley's Super-Duper Subterranean Summer, TMNT 2012, post-sequel SpongeBob, Miraculous Ladybug, Mike Tyson Mysteries, Littlest Pet Shop, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and Rick and Morty! And you decide it was more entertaining to have Chris Savino, the man who ruined Dexter's Laboratory and the ...more

23 Clyde and his father is black

Wow, this is racist! Whoever added this here should be ashamed of themselves!

What. This is why people can't appreciate shows with this comment like that. The haters shouldn't be extreme with this comment. That's racist. That's a lame excuse for hating this show.

Jesus christ, you Loud House haters are really racist.

RACIST never hate a character cause of his or her race - Adventurur2

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24 They reuse jokes

Like, Luan's cheesy and corny jokes and Lily's poo poo. And Lori's shoes joke. Not cool. - AinezoChan

25 All the characters are ugly All the characters are ugly Lana Loud is a character from the Nickelodeon show "The Loud House". The show and character was created by Chris Savino and Lana was named after one of Savino's sisters. Lana is the eighth oldest of her siblings, being six years old and two minutes older than twin, Lola. Lana's hobbies include playing more.
26 Clyde's obsession with Lori

It's very weird since Lori is 17 years old and Clyde is only 11. It feels like you're about to witness a Boku no Pico episode except both of the characters are underage and have opposite genders. And not to mention Clyde's nose bleeds profusely, he acts like a robot, and passes out. It's unfunny, creepy, and strange. - Powerfulgirl10

It's all kinds of creepy messed up crap that should not be put in a show for kids.

It is kind of creepy for an 11 Year Old to be obsessed with a 17 Year Old. - kcianciulli

Dipper has a crush on wnedy but has he ever nosebled? NO - Adventurur2

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27 It failed to save Nickelodeon

I wish it DIDN'T get an award. The only award I want this show to earn is a Golden Raspberry Award.

I hate to say this but it got an award (for real)

Yes, in the 2010s, Nickelodeon did begin improving a bit with shows like TUFF Puppy, TMNT 2012, Legend of Korra, Miraculous Ladybug, and even Robot and Monster. The Kung Fu Panda T.V. series was okay, though. However, Nickelodeon still has bad cartoons. Not just Planet Sheen, which surprisingly, even Jimmy Neutron fans hate, but also Breadwinners, Sanjay and Craig, Breadwinners, Pig Goat Banana Cricket, Harvey Beaks, and now Loud House. At least we still have Miraculous Ladybug, Bunsen is a Beast, and post-sequel SpongeBob.

It tried and failed :)( - Adventurur2

28 It's boring

Not boring just unintersting I guess - Adventurur2

29 Lori's highschool drama Lori's highschool drama
30 It's the 2010s biggest animated middle finger

We have had amazing, beautiful, creative, wonderful, and FLAWLESS shows like Adventure Time, Regular Show, Amazing World of Gumball, Gravity Falls, Legend of Korra, Grojband, Steven Universe, and Star vs the Forces of Evil, and then we get this atrocity. The Loud House is, for a literal fact, THE bad 2010s Show. It turned the 2010s into the 2000s!

Nope. That title belong to Teen Titans Go! - TheReviewer20

Hey, I'd take actual plots and realistic characters over 4 (I'll give Raven a break) characters constantly degrading the "audience" and insulting every single fictional character, even the 2003 versions of them. - TheReviewer20

I agree. The show is honestly horrible.

I cannot see how anyone could like it.

@kcianciulli Really? I'm a Loud House fan too, but you are way out of line with that comment. - regularponyfan09

Uh, That's Allen Gregory. - kcianciulli

31 The show can't go one episode without the sisters ganging up on Lincoln or blaming him for something

Every time I see these girls on screen even for a second, I just switch to Cartoon Network, or Disney Channel, or even The Weather Channel, because the shtick of "OH, let's just make these 9 (I know there are 10 sisters, but Lily is an infant) girls gang up on the innocent little boy for no reason" ABSOLUTELY does not work for me! They act like he is inferior to them because he is the only male sibling, FOR NO REASON. It really makes me wonder why Lincoln doesn't beat the living CRAP out of all 9 of them. The main offenders of this shtick is Lori (The oldest), and Lola, the one that gives no cares about anything but glitter (or GLLITERRR! as she says it). This should be in the #3 or even #2 spot, not #21. Honestly if the show completely got rid of the shtick or at least dialed it down, then that would be perfectly fine, but this is just way WAY WAY too much, and this is only one of A LOT of problems with this show, and makes it unwatchable for me, but like I stated, there are other ...more

If the sisters are ganging up on Lincoln because he's the only male sibling then why don't they introduce a male character (a forgotten long lost brother who is close to Lynn's age) - TLHFanBaseSucks

No matter what, it always ends up badly for Lincoln at the end of almost every episode

The show would be better if they introduce another male character (a forgotten long lost brother who is close to Lynn's age) - TLHFanBaseSucks

Dude love your siblings, don't hurt them - Adventurur2

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32 It's going downhill

Well, to me it was uphill. I'm the one who put this on the list. I used to love the Loud House, but ever since season 2, things started to get REALLY bad! So much so that it has became a combination between post-movie SpongeBob, Teen Titans Go!, and Johnny Test. Watching these new episodes of the Loud House, I literally threw something at the T.V., it angered me that much. This never would've happened if Chris Savino didn't ruin Dexter's Laboratory and the original Powerpuff Girls, but he did, and now he's screwing up his own show. And don't even get me started on that god awful show Kick Buttowski!

Even Lincoln's voice is going downhill. - EdRed

Actually season 2 was better cause we focused on the other characters
But season 1 was selfish lincoln - Adventurur2

33 Luan Loud is annoying

At the end of every jokes she says get it. We get it Stop Telling as we get it. Oh she is Annoying

Her jokes are extremely unfunny, and her voice acting is terrible. Enough said. - Powerfulgirl10

I used to like the show, but even when I did, I disliked Luan. I wish they had more in depth personalities, and Luan didn't just only joke. She's more emotionless than Lucy! - CutiePoops

I agree! She stinks!

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34 It killed Nickelodeon

The loud house has killed nickelodeon its sucks really dumb the characters are bad the sisters are bad even lincoln

No it saved it, soon after it started airing, Sanjay and Craig and Breadwinners were cancelled. - 445956

Nick did already suck before this show came on. The Loud House is still pretty bad, though.

Please nickelodeon was dead way before TLH came along - Adventurur2

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35 Clyde has two dads Clyde has two dads
36 Excessive fourth wall breaking
37 The episode plots are dumb

The Sweet Spot is single-mindedly the episode with the dumbest plot. All it shows is Lincoln planning the sweet spot and his sisters find out and act like total greedy jerks and end up destroying the van and they get grounded. And, to add insult to injury, they did not learn the lesson in the end. What the hay? - AinezoChan

Some of the episodes riped off SpongeBob, Fairly OddParents, and Gumball

I wasn't trying to show disrespect, I was just sharing my opinion. - regularponyfan09

Why fight over a "special" car seat for eleven entire minutes? - SPM1_TopTenz

No, "One of the Boys" was really creative! - 445956

Yes, but it was also incredibly mean-spirited and stereotypical. - regularponyfan09

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38 The couples are weird

We have Clyde x Lori and Harold x Howard. - AinezoChan

Lincolin X ronnie - Adventurur2

39 It's getting a movie

This can't be happening! Why do you have to make a movie on what's already one of the worst animated shows of all time, Paramount Pictures?! How can a show this bad get a movie?! This will be the death of animated cinema! Worse, this feels like Hannah Montana: the Movie all over again, except this time, it's based on Nickelodeon's new SpongeBob replacement! This wouldn't have happened if Chris Savino didn't ruin Dexter's Laboratory or the Powerpuff Girls! Let me tell you, this will also be the new Norm of the North! Animated Cinema will be DEAD because of this movie!

I agree 100% with you. Honestly, SpongeBob is the only Nickelodeon show that actually DESERVES a film as of 2017, because it's improving in quality, and has plots worth putting on the big screen, and it's been on for 18 years. The Loud House though?! What are they going to do for a film?! LOL. Are they going to do a plot of the 10 sisters annoying Lincoln? How can somebody make a movie plot for a Slice of Life show? You can also tell The Loud House is taking over Nickelodeon. As much as SpongeBob airs, The Loud House doesn't deserve the Sponge treatment. Why? SpongeBob is a somewhat unique show about sea creatures which is something that hasn't been done much, but why this? I'd rather get over-saturated with The Sponge than this. - LARRY21

I would love to see a T.V. movie based on Invader ZiM, but a theatrical feature film BASED ON THE LOUD HOUSE?! This is the show that destroyed the 2010s! How can a show that incredibly killed such an awesome decade for animated shows get a movie released in theaters?! Then again, it's coming out in the 2020s, where animation will truly die again, so, it's worth it. It makes more sense for Loud House to have a movie released in an upcoming decade where animated shows will truly be horrible again, since the 2000s.

This is not a joke! Paramount Pictures has announced for a theatrical feature film based on the Loud House! DOES THE LOUD HOUSE EVEN NEED A MOVIE?!

Guess what? Chris Savino's fired. So, he will no longer be working on the feature film. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

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40 They think suicide is funny

You'll see when they'll find suicide funny and acceptable. Imagine the episode "Lincoln Got Served": Where 10 of Lincoln's sisters force him to commit suicide by scaring with amusement park mascot costumes for no reason. Not only that, in the same episode where Lincoln gets scared of amusement park mascots all over by 10 of his sisters, he also gets punished EVERYWHERE for literally NO reason! The only characters in the episode that would feel bad for Lincoln would be his parents, because at LEAST they didn't wanna punish him for no reason, and they didn't want him to commit suicide. I wouldn't even be surprised if Savino would call "Lincoln Got Served" his most favorite episode of the whole series, because of the fact that he was responsible for the seasonal rot era of Dexter's Laboratory and the Powerpuff Girls! That episode would even be WORSE than Brawl in the Family. I said it before and I'll say it again. Chris Savino NEEDS TO DIE!

Really, You're Wishing Death Upon an Animator for "ruining" your favorite shows? That's very extreme. - kcianciulli

I wouldn't be surprised if Lincoln was forced to commit suicide.

No suicide jokes on the loud house - Adventurur2

No They Don't - kcianciulli

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