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61 Harvey Beaks is better

You people don't understand! Quit ignoring Grojband, and learn to appreciate it more. Harvey Beaks is THAT awful. Mostly because it's created by the creator of Chowder, one of the worst Cartoon Network shows of all time! How can you say Harvey Beaks is better than Loud House? They're both god awful. Chowder also sucked. Only those that DO like Chowder can enjoy Harvey Beaks, and that's a bad thing, because, like Chris Savino, C. H. Greenblatt is one of the WORST cartoonists of all time! There's a spot on this list that you SHOULD agree on, the fact that Grojband is WAY better than the Loud House.

Yeah, no. I STRONGLY disagree. Harvey Beaks is just as bad as the Loud House. Why? Because I hate Chowder. Chowder was one of Cartoon Network's WORST shows ever, but its creator decided to make another show, which was Harvey Beaks. So no, Harvey Beaks IS just as bad as the Loud House.

That's right. Harvey Beaks has 2D and CGI mixed animation. - AinezoChan

Hello? C. H. Greenblatt DESERVED to be mistreated by Nickelodeon. I mean, LOOK AT WHAT HE DIDVTO CARTOON NETWORK IN 2007 WHEN HE MADE CHOWDER! Chowder was THAT awful. Nickelodeon, for some reason, did the right thing by mistreating C. H. Greenblatt after what he did to their channel when he made Harvey Beaks, which literally was just as bad as Chowder. If only Nickelodeon mistreated Chris Savino.

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62 Because all characters start with an L

It's repetitive if we named the characters with the same letter. It's not a creativity! - ChatNoirFan18

Which is perfect because this show is a L - MrMonkey

Well, all characters in the Loud family, except for the mother, who's name is "Rita", which begins with an R. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

The parents might as well start a satanic ritual where a kid with a name that doesn't start with L would die. - SPM1_TopTenz

63 Lori Loud Lori Loud

There's no comparison, she's LITERALLY MR. KRABS AS A TEENAGE GIRL! As in Krabby Land Mr. Krabs, One Coarse Meal Mr. Krabs. She makes me wanna commit suicide, which is awful! I would NOT be surprised if Lori loves to force Lincoln to commit suicide.

64 Lincoln gets tortured for no reason

Take Making the Grade, One of the Boys and The Green House for instances. - AinezoChan

65 The show is getting worse with every new episode airing

It's like the Yin and Yang. For every show that gets better with each new episode (Samurai Jack), there's a show that gets worse. This is the Yang. - SPM1_TopTenz

I even hated that episode "Brawl in the Family"! That episode is what made me REALLY hate the Loud House! And do think I actually cared about Chris Savino! Then again, he was the same person that ruined Dexter's Laboratory and the Original Powerpuff Girls. So, I say Chris Savino can go to hell!

Samurai Jack isn't the only show that gets better with each new episode. Others include the Amazing World of Gumball, Gravity Falls, and Steven Universe.

However, there are also other flawless masterpieces that ALSO get better with each new episode. These include Grojband, Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Sonic Boom. THE flawless 2010s shows. And then, there's LOUD HOUSE! Loud House NEVER gets better with a new episode, and only cares about punishing and torturing Lincoln for no reason.

I only included Samurai Jack as an example in my comment. So technically, it can still have other shows that get better. - SPM1_TopTenz

66 It's the new Family Guy for kids

Media would've been a million times better if Family Guy AND Loud House never existed.

Chris Savino is just as bad as Seth MacFarlane. SERIOUSLY, NICKELODEON?! You won't let Lynne Naylor and Chris Reccardi create their own show, yet you let the same guy that ruined Dexter's Laboratory and the Powerpuff Girls create his own show?!

67 It's Superjail! for kids

Superjail! IS LITERALLY one of the WORST cartoons of the 2000s, one of the worst decades in animation history. I wouldn't be surprised if Chris Savino was a fan of Johnny Test and Superjail!

Ben Gruber wrote that awful show. Yes he's working on post sequel SpongeBob and his writing is bad but at least Bob Jacques is making funny goofy faces and hillarious cartoony moments like Krusty Katering that episode was really good. SpongeBob is actually improving. Plus I agree The Loud House is Superjail for kids.

How is the Loud House Superjail! for kids? - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

Superjail! may be worse than the Loud House, but that's because it came out of the 2000s. LOUD HOUSE came out in the 2010s! So, I don't know which show is worse. The Loud House or Superjail!? BOTH are equally God awful. I wouldn't even be surprised if Loud House had episodes written by Christy Karacas, Stephen Warbrick, and Ben Gruber, the creators of Superjail! Yes, post-sequel SpongeBob has Ben Gruber working on the show, but at least that was when SpongeBob was improving. Then again, Grover also wrote for Teen Titans Go! and Breadwinners. So, I wouldn't be surprised if the creators of Superjail! worked on the Loud House.

You could check the current list of writers. Huge emphasis on COULD. - SPM1_TopTenz

68 The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos

There's nothing wrong about this episode. Is there something wrong with it? - TLHFanBaseSucks

I don't know either. Although I assume it's just as bad as the others, someone's actually gotta clear this up. - SPM1_TopTenz

No No No No No. If You Don't Like The Loud House, Then Don't Watch It. - kcianciulli

What is wrong about the episode? I don't know if there's something wrong about this episode. - TLHFanBaseSucks

69 The Grim Crocker Art
70 It's Nickelodeon's answer to Teen Titans Go!

And that's a literal fact. This show got me changing the channel to Disney. This what got me into Milo Murphy's Law and Billy Dilley's Super-Duper Subterranean Summer, because I cannot STAND watching the Loud House.

It's Chris Savino's answer to Spongebob. - ChroniclerMan5

No, That's SpongeBob!

This is Crossing The Line! Never Ever Ever Ever Compare This Awesome Cartoon to That Abomination of a Cartoon Known as Teen Titans Go! Obviously, You Guys Are High. - kcianciulli

71 Royal Woods is an awful city to live in

Royal Woods was, still is, and forever will be, a cesspool of hatred and evil.

Like who would even care?

How exactly? - regularponyfan09

No It's Not. - kcianciulli

72 Mr. Enter likes this show for no reason

Mr. Enter doing an Admirable Animation on Loud House will destroy us fans of him. The Loud House doesn't even sound like the kind of show Mr. Enter would like, it would sound like something he'd HATE!

This spot, I agree with, because Loud House doesn't sound like a show that Mr. Enter would enjoy, it sounds like the kind of show that only a 2000s kid like myself would enjoy. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

Mr. Enter is a terrible reviewer anyways.

Yeah, So, It's His Opinion.

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73 It's getting a musical

Nobody on the show can sing. So when the show gets a musical episode, you'll get a form of cancer in your ears. - SPM1_TopTenz

I agree, musical episodes are always bad!
I like when shows and movies are 100% story with music in the background! - Zim999

74 The baby is gross

There was a banned episode where the baby ate crap and fed it to the whole family!

Manon from Miraculous still better than Lily. Even Manon is a toddler, but, she DOESN'T said "poo poo"! I swear I want throw Lily to river! She is not cute as I seen. - ChatNoirFan18

IDIOT - TheRedstoneWiz

75 It's racist

It said something about feel Lincoln black friend to alligators in one episode. And he just happened to be dressed like a baby

Save the Date is the best example for this. - AinezoChan

They made fun of mexicans in one episode!

It's not racist, - kcianciulli

76 Lana Loud Lana Loud

She's a hypocrite. I remember in Changing the Baby, she said that Lincoln's sandwich was disgusting, yet she likes other disgusting things herself. Besides, the sandwich is also disgusting. How ironic! - AinezoChan

She is just a six-year-old stereotypical tomboy who is very disgusting and annoying. - Powerfulgirl10

77 It's called The Loud House

I'm sorry, but this reason is stupid. - regularponyfan09

78 Because Lincoln has freckles

This item made me laugh for some reason -PhantomMilitiasucks

79 They think suicide is funny

You'll see when they'll find suicide funny and acceptable. Imagine the episode "Lincoln Got Served": Where 10 of Lincoln's sisters force him to commit suicide by scaring with amusement park mascot costumes for no reason. Not only that, in the same episode where Lincoln gets scared of amusement park mascots all over by 10 of his sisters, he also gets punished EVERYWHERE for literally NO reason! The only characters in the episode that would feel bad for Lincoln would be his parents, because at LEAST they didn't wanna punish him for no reason, and they didn't want him to commit suicide. I wouldn't even be surprised if Savino would call "Lincoln Got Served" his most favorite episode of the whole series, because of the fact that he was responsible for the seasonal rot era of Dexter's Laboratory and the Powerpuff Girls! That episode would even be WORSE than Brawl in the Family. I said it before and I'll say it again. Chris Savino NEEDS TO DIE!

Really, You're Wishing Death Upon an Animator for "ruining" your favorite shows? That's very extreme. - kcianciulli

I wouldn't be surprised if Lincoln was forced to commit suicide.

No They Don't - kcianciulli

80 It feels more like post-movie SpongeBob

You think?! Chris Savino never should've made a show of his own. Not after what he did to Dexter or the Powerpuff Girls.

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