Top Ten Worst Things About The Loud House

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141 It's confusing

It doesn't know if it wants to be a heartfelt comedy or a mean-spirited and heartless comedy. MAKE UP YOUR MIND, LOUD HOUSE!

142 Becky has a crush on Lincoln

I find it completely weird for a 17-year old girl to have a crush on an 11-year old boy. Becky is literally a pedophile!

Okay Iv'e seen every episode of the loud house so far, but who's becky? - Adventurur2

143 It has a character with down syndrome

Chris Savino wants us to think that all disabled people are stupid. You know, for kids!

Nice Going, You Ruined One of The Things That Made The Show Good! He Does Not Think That All Disabled People Are Stupid! Get Lost! - kcianciulli

What? - Adventurur2

144 Cringe Fanart
145 It's the new Steven Universe

Steven Universe isn't even that bad. - EdRed

Like the boring episodes of SU - Adventurur2

146 It's scarring
147 Everything is forced

Even Lincoln's new voice sounds forced! - EdRed

Director:Lincoln sound annoying
Lincolin:Okay *annoying noises - Adventurur2

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1. Lincoln is a terrible protagonist
2. The "Memes" on DeviantArt
3. The fanbase sucks
1. Terrible Animation
2. It has unlikeable characters
3. All the characters are ugly
1. The fanbase sucks
2. It's overrated
3. It killed Nickelodeon

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