Worst Things About Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco is indeed a disgrace to rap. Here are the worst things about him.

The Top Ten

1 His lyrics are nonsense

This is the dumbest list ever but I know the creator is a troll. Lupe Fiasco is top 10 greatest of all time. So the creator of this list should really self destruct - venomouskillingmachine

2 He has no flow

Found this from a rap genius thread - SpectralOwl

3 He considers Obama as the biggest terrorist

Obama is the biggest terrorist - MovieFan007

4 Justin Bieber can out rap him

It's embarrassing how Justin Bieber, a terrible music artist can outrap him. - SelfDestruct

5 He founded the "We Are On a Mission" thing

That foundation was not necessary. A terrible way to spend money. He could have spent that much money on awesome supercars but he wasted it on this stupid foundation. CANCER PATIENTS DO NOT NEED IT. It does not help. There were no positive benefiting results. - SelfDestruct

So you'd rather him buy cars for himself than give money in generosity to people less fortunate than him?. - MovieFan007

6 He rips off Sage the Gemini

No offense but Lupe Fiasco is far better than Sage the Gemini. And Lupe doesn't copy such crappy rapper like Sage The Gemini. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Sage the Gemini is a legend. No one can be like him, especially someone as horrible at rapping as Lupe Fiasco. - SelfDestruct

How on Earth does Lupe Fiasco sound anything like Sage The Gemini? - TheLister

7 His pointless controversies

Justin Bieber had more point in controversies than him. - SelfDestruct

8 He rips off Trinidad James

How does he sound anything like Trinidad James? - TheLister

9 He rips off Rick Ross

How does he sound like Rick Ross. - TheLister


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