Top Ten Worst Things About Mackenzie from Dork Diary


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1 She is a mean brat

I'm a bit scared to say this but I do like Dork Diaries. And MacKenzie is a really annoying character. Good thing she moved to North Hampton Hills International Academy. She was mean to Nikki for no reason. - cosmo

For Cosmo, I think the reason why Mackenzie is mean to Nikki for nothing is because she's jealous that Brandon likes Nikki more than Mackenzie.I hope you found this helpful - MLPFan

She a real f brat

2 She is always stealing things

In one of the books she wrote in Nikki's diary! If Mackenzie was real and I caught her stealing something that belonged to me, I'd give her a big slap to her face, and she'd never come near me again. - Catacorn

That is theft and she should be arrested. - TwilightKitsune

3 She picks on Nicky too much

She'll be happy when they find Nicky's corpse is a noose! - Bubblegumrage456

She does! Mackenzie needs to get a life! But also, have you read Dork Diaries?
Not to be rude but it's Nikki!

4 She is an appearance freak
5 She is a drama queen

She's such a drama queen and believe it or not, she's a total loser.

All dork diaries characters suck.

Dear Cartoon Network

Travel Back In Time and Don't Cancel Fosters And EENE


Now Rachel Reneese Russell

In the next DD Book

Erase all the characters

Sincerely, TheKirbyCreeper999, Danteem, RuJILLous, Keycha1n, SelfDestruct. - TheKirbyCreeper999

6 She whines about everything
7 She always lies and is always the innocent one
8 She's a pampered loser
9 She worries about lipgloss more than breathing

She'll put on about 500 layers of lip gloss on a day! - Catacorn

10 She is a disgusting freak

I hate her. So much.

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11 She cares more about fashion than schoolwork


I mean, her parents fork out a lot of money for a posh school and all she wants to do is be queen of the ccps and make Nikki's life miserable! D:

12 She is rude
13 She tried to drown nikki in book six
14 She knows Brandon doesn't like her, and she keeps flirting with him
15 She is liar and a hypocrite
16 She is unrealistic

Mackenzie is not like the school bullies in reality.

17 She Posted a Video of Nikki and Brianna Singing a Kiddie Song on YouTube.

I hope Mackenzie dies in a hole

18 She Locked Nikki, Chloe, and Zoey in a Storage Closet

What a brat!

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1. She is a mean brat
2. She is a drama queen
3. She picks on Nicky too much
1. She is a mean brat
2. She picks on Nicky too much
3. She is an appearance freak


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