Top 10 Worst Things About Marilyn Manson

The Top Ten

1 His Appearance
2 He's Overrated
3 The Way He Sings

Nah his voice turns me on

Nah,I kinda like his voice.It sounds cool.-DarkBoi-X

4 He Tried Too Hard to Be Scary
5 He's Pretentious
6 He Made a Song with Gucci Mane
7 He Looks Like a Woman

He doesn't look like a woman you idiot!

8 He Dated 19-Year-Old Evan Rachel Wood When He Was 39

'He Dated 19-Year-Old Evan Rachel Wood When He Was 39'. King Diamond is married to a 32-year-old woman in his 60s and he's suddenly an angel. But when Manson dates a 19-year-old girl he's the worst!

Has this guy not heard of the "half-your-age-plus-seven" rule?


9 He Said That the Charlie Hebdo Massacre Was Justified

What a bastard!

10 He Likes Lil Uzi Vert

I can't believe people still take this Manson guy seriously.

The Contenders

11 He's Ugly

You're ugly

Ok I'll admit he is sorta ugly but his music is still great.Also there are pictures of him where he isn't ugly at all.Also he is gothic so of course he won't look normal.-DarkBoi-X

12 He's Creepy
13 He's a Copycat

Exactly! I seriously can't believe most people don't see that. One reason he's hated so much is because he rips off other artists (especially Alice Cooper. Manson took a female name and put on some makeup and kids nowadays don't even know that Alice already did that).

He didn't copy everything about Alice Cooper.They're music is very different.Alice Cooper is Hard Rock while Marilyn Manson is Industrial Rock and Glam Rock.-DarkBoi-X

He's an Alice Cooper ripoff.

14 People Like Him Are Only Scaring People Away from Rock Music
15 He Gender Bends
16 He Did Drugs
17 His Music is Too Simplistic
18 He's Unoriginal
19 The Albums in the Triptych Trilogy Don't Really Seem to Follow a Story

The what?

20 He Made a Fan Remove His Avenged Sevenfold Shirt Onstage
21 His Music Hasn't Aged Well
22 Nobody Likes Him Anymore
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