Worst Things About Mario

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1 He's a drug addict

Can these lists PLEASE burn in hell already?

2 He is annoying as a baby
3 He made the worst education games back in the 90s
4 He rips off Sonic Drift
5 He's racist

No. It's racist to say someone is racist based on where they live/were born.

6 He likes to commit suicide

RIP Mario. He had to fall in the first pit in the game.

7 He's too slow
8 It's impossible

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is completely unbeatable

9 He saves a stupid princess repeatedly

That's all every game is about

Princess Peach also gets very angry about it.

I can't believe people like video games for that.

10 He's not even a plumber

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11 He has an annoying accent
12 He is a terrible brother to Luigi

Very rude to luigi

13 Mario is a bad* name

Mah-ree-oh. And the British pronounces it Mare-ee-oh. Worst name ever

The name "Mario" was inspired by Mario Segale.

14 His brother is Luigi

Luigi is not only a Japanese Italian who picks up coins like a Jew, but he screams like a white girl and in Mario Strikers Charged, he has a Mexican-like theme. Wow.

15 Mario Galaxy has bad controls
16 His RPG games
17 He is a murderer
18 The Mario Party series
19 He has no personality

For a hero,he is kind of boring.

20 It's Overrated

This series has the same games every time yet people on the site keep praising them - B1ueNew

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