Top Ten Worst Things About Mark Webb's Spider-Man Movies

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1 Everything Feels Rushed
2 Uncle Ben Was Basically A Throwaway Character

It's like the writers said "yeah yeah, uncle Ben is important blah blah blah who cares? We need to put all focus on his father so ignore uncle Ben as much as possible"

He had no impact on the movies whatsoever, mainly because he had to take a complete backseat to make room for peters father, it's like the writers completely ignored how impactful he actually is

3 Rhino In Amazing Spider-Man 2

Why did they have to put this guy in? I mean, I don't even know anything about this guy at all but then pick the dumbest ugliest looking animal on earth to give this "bad guy" a name? what? Why not just keep the green harry in it till the very end and end the movie with him instead of this dumb rhino guy? Ugh...

Everybody expect seen this character more, but NO, the character only appears at the end

4 Andrew Garfield's Poor Attempts At Acting Socially Awkward

I didn't like the personality change he had but I could at least respect it if they went all the way with it, but no they try to squeeze in moments of him being socially awkward, and it's just very odd and out of place

5 They Feel More Like Generic Action Movies Rather Than Comic Book Movies

There's just nothing special or memorable about them

6 Bland Soundtrack
7 Peter Isn't A Nerd Like He's Supposed To Be
8 The Villains Are Bland And Forgettable
9 Bad Interpretation Of The Green Goblin

What a wimp, the original green goblin beat the crap outta spider-man in the first movie, he way WAY more of a threat, all the new green goblin did was pick up Gwen, fly around with her a little and drop her just so Peter could catch her, then literally a minute later gets web wrapped around his neck, gets choked and dies, what a pathetic little wimp especially considering this is th green goblin, spider-man arch enemy, so it's really stupid seeing him become this little wimp

The original green goblin may have been a little goofy but he was 10X stronger and threatening then this

10 Setups for Sequels That Never Happened
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1. Everything Feels Rushed
2. Uncle Ben Was Basically A Throwaway Character
3. Rhino In Amazing Spider-Man 2



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