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1 The Food Is Extremely Unhealthy

The fries are like plastic, it sits in your stomach for 6 entire months before digesting!

I once had a McDonalds burger and I could not poop for four days then I had terrible diarrhea

McDonald's extremely unhealthy.

It makes you fat and the fries give you high cholesterol

2 Their Food Is Disgusting

Their food is super disgusting! If you ever choose between Burger King and McDonalds, I recommend going to Burger King instead. All the food over at McDonalds can make you very sick. NEVER EVER GO TO MCDONALDS! EVEER! And I mean it! Their food is always horrible you should never go there! EVER!

I've eaten McDonalds at least 100 or more times a year and the only thing that makes me sick is the cold weather - Paris4Lyfe

Once, when my friend and I went to McDonalds, the ketchup coming out of the machine was YELLOW, YELLOW! It wasn't mustard either! It tasted like crap, and my friend got food poisoning.

Sometimes it feels like it's you and me in this world who are not brainwashed by the Evil McDonalds.

Trust me, you do NOT want to know what they put in McDonald's hamburgers and chicken nuggets.

3 It Smells Like Sewer

Now I know why Voldemort has no nose.

(Because his nose could not tolerate the stink of a deadly McDonalds restaurant. )

It's true, some of the McDonalds restaurants smell like a stinky, smelly, sewer. Even if the pipes burst you should evacuate immediately! Even is you try to tell the workers to fix it, they NEVER do. That's one of the main reasons why McDonalds sucks!

You can instantly smell it as soon as you pull up against the building next to it.

I hope I get a wrecking ball, tear it down, save the poor baby animals and blow up all McDonald's's

4 Dirty Bathrooms

It looked like a gigantic fat guy pooped peed and farted and made a huge mess of crap on everyone.

Last time I used a McDonalds toilet (which was, mind you, like five years ago) they were actually quite clean. Looks like I hit the jackpot that day.

The sh word was written everywhere with poop! Dirt everywhere and vomit ion th toilet seat!

I never go to the bathrooms so...

5 Their Food Smells Stinky

When you order some French fries, and you get your order, you food smells like stinky feet and smelly liquid! Even worse, the mustard they out on it smells like a dead animal, so horrible!

It smells good. Please respect my opinion

I'll agree McDonald's food can be gross and they do usually get your order wrong...but dang. Their food smells great. When I smell that burger and fries my tongue pours liquid. So smell shouldn't be up this high.

6 Everything Tastes Like Pickles

I once ate a burger and for a week after that my mouth tasted like pickles

Maybe because the burgers have pickles in them

Even the fries taste like it


7 They Always Get Your Order Wrong

It's true! If you order a plain burger with ketchup and mustard and no mayonnaise, the forget to put the ketchup and mustard on it and EVEN WORSE, the put mayonnaise on it. So when you tell them you want no mayonnaise, they go back and fix it, but get back and guess what's on it! Mayonnaise with pickle juice splattered all over it, and even a piece of dead bird! Then you say that you are never going to go to McDonalds ever again!

I have got the wrong drink once in the drive thru, I ordered an ice tea, and I got a Pepsi, coke, or something, it was disappointing, the person I was with went inside to report the wrong drink, and I think they got me the right drink after that

Once my brother ordered chicken nuggets. Guess what he got? A chicken nugget box with a fry wrapper and burger patty inside.

This one time at a Mcdonald's, I asked the drive thru employee that I wanted a cheeseburger with no onions( because I don't like them), and instead I got a regular burger with no cheese and extra onions!

8 Loud Teenagers

But they can be in other fast food restaurants as well, not only in McDonald.

Annoying when you are trying to eat

They are way to loud


9 The Drinks Taste Like Toothpaste

True story; my drinks always either taste like toothpaste, or have absolutely no flavor at all, making for a bland, tasteless sugar water sludge. This is a legit statement

My local McDonald's drinks don't taste like toothpaste, but their flat. When I order a coke, there's no fizz, my local McDonalds needs a new soda machine

I'm more concerned about the ice being dirtier than frozen toilet water.

It would be filled with toothpaste and sewer water. I don't think you should ever get the drinks.

10 It Is Crawling With Loud Obnoxious Little Kids

To be honest that's the purpose family bonding but you can't bond when sum 6 year old is running and screaming in your face

If you think kids are loud you should know that EVERYONE IS LOUD

Sorry I meant cute

I’ve heard disgusting horror stories about kids, feces, and the Play Place.

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11 Their Meat is Made from Animal Guts, Eyeballs, Insides and Bones Mixed Together

Exactly. Like with their chicken nuggets

Ew, chicken nuggets look like pink poop


12 Employees Never Wash Their Hands

I agree you go into a bathroom you see a sign that says WASH YOUR HANDS
But to think there touching your food yuck think of that next timeyour engulfing in a juicy burger mates

13 They Use Substances from Human Hair and Duck Feathers to Soften Their Meat.
14 The Chefs Don't Know What They're Doing

They just make the food, be all dumb, and out straws, peanut butter, pickles, and old pieces of cereal on the burger, then they come out, give you the food, and you say EEww!

It is very bad, those chefs are so dumb they always make the food smell so disgusting, I wouldn't go to McDonalds ever again! Plus it can make you so sick and get a stomach ache.

And you say we should raise the minimum wage? Think about how gross and immature teenagers and college students can be. Then remember they're the ones making your food...

LOL Chefs? Who made this?

I think I would shag Ronald mcdonald

15 They Support Gay Rights

Wow which jerk put this on

This is really offensive and needs to be removed

Go away you know nothing poo poo head

I don't like the idea of gay rights

16 They Put Bad Things In Your Food

For example: You order a veggie burger and after the cook it, the cook stuffs lots of pills and erasers in it and then you choke on it, then you wonder why there are pills in your burger, then you go back and tell them to correct it, then they make another one but then put even more pills in it, then you say Oh Forget It!

Rumour has it McDonald's has trash in their foods

Chemicals are in McDonald's! They make is "taste good" when it's gross and they never correct it

Ingredients in Nuggets: hair, old kitchen sponge, artificial grease, rubber, nylon, and a smudge of old milk jug milk

17 Everyone Likes It Even Though It's Bad for You

UGH I am pretty much the only person who hasn't had McDonald's in 2 years. Their food is awful for you. I hate how the restaurant is so popular.

I don't eat there food I'm researcher and it's been proven McDonald food is addictive thanks to the chemicals

Actually their food is fairly healthy compared to other burger joints like Sonic

If everyone likes it, why does everyone here hate it then?

18 They are Cruel to Chickens and Other Animals They Use to Make Food

They beat the animals. Horrible never going back.

Mcdonalds has destroyed rainforests for cellouse.

19 The Little Happy Meal People

So childlike and creepy they are overrated

You'll mean Happy if yes then I hate those things they are just creepy

Not happy in any way just a scam to get parents to waste there money on overpriced trash

That new mascot for the Happy Meal is just plain creepy and it makes me wanna throw a knife at it

20 They Used to Make Meat Out of Pink Slime and Clean It With Ammonia


Very nasty

21 They added Teen Titans Go! for the Happy Meal

So, my boyfriend and I saw a commercial of McDonald's releasing Teen Titans Go! for the Happy Meal. I was not happy about it and neither was him.

Here's what the reaction was:

Commercial Person: Team up with a Teen Titans Go! toy in your McDonald's Happy Meal!

Me: Oh... my... god

My boyfriend: OH my god! Why?!

I hate Teen Titans Go! and I mean it! They just had to add my least favorite show to the mix! Okay, so I used to get a Happy Meal when I was younger, but I'm glad that it didn't exist in my childhood. Mainly, because I was born in 2001 and that crappy show started in 2013. My boyfriend hates it and he even told me that his brother makes him watch it!

McDonald's did not to a very good job on which toys to sell based on a certain show or movie right now. I mean, they did okay on the other ones, like The movie Sing, Secret Life of Pets, Beanie Babies, etc. But,

Gonna put this higher!

Imagine of they made Fortnite into a happy meal.


22 The Cashiers Are Always Clumsy

I was dowsed with soda last night on my way to a meeting. Handed me a beverage, that I could only grab by the cover. Cover was not completely seated. The server walked away as I cursed the unexpected shower. And the customer survey sight is completely unusable. I am sure that they would ignore me anyway, but it will not accept any information!

Once they bring over you food, they drop it on purpose and say oops and you say erg your very clumsy. Next time, make sure you hold on to it and think about what you are doing!

23 Ferris's Funky Farm

Oh, god. These commercials really sucked in my opinion. I mean literally! Taking a goat to McDonald's to eat healthier is just a waste of time. In one of the commercials, the goat started flexing in the McDonald's restaurant. The guy said "Now goat thinks he's strong as an ox"... More like "Now goat is really fat and cannot move"

The dinosaur is really tiny and can grow bigger which reaches into outer-space. Is it possible for dinosaurs to grow that big and tall? NO! It would still be tiny and fat

And why is the boy's name Ferris? Couldn't they come up with a better name for him like.. "Matthew", "Joseph", etc.

The Ferris's Funky Farm commercials are just stupid and lame

I HATED Ferris's funky farm commercials. taking a goat to mcdonald's to eat healthier. HA. He'll be 30 pounds bigger, or a tiny dinosaur growing bigger going into space, no it would still be tiny and fat.

You guys are just a bunch of haters. -Enderman

Enderman stfu your weird and Enderman don't eat McDonald's they're skinny so they must be vegan, idiot

24 They Need to Rename Their Happy Meals Crappy Meals

You people are just a bunch of haters

One of my family died from mcdonalds

No rename it to SAD meal.

Last time I got a happy meals the nuggets were stale, cold, overcooked and rubbery and chewy. They tasted like cardboard and textas combined.

25 They Only Care About Milk and Apples

I saw a few Happy Meal commercials, they only talk about enjoying it with the "goodness" of apples and milk. They never mention anything about the Chicken McNuggets and Fries. Speaking of nuggets, why does McDonald's have to put them in every single Happy Meal commercial? Is a hamburger or a cheeseburger NOT good enough for the children? They should know that the Chicken McNuggets contain a substance called "chicken paste". I saw a video of how they make the nuggets and found it gross. Bleh!

What about tropical punch?

True :(

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