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21 They are Cruel to Chickens and Other Animals They Use to Make Food

They beat the animals. Horrible never going back.

Mcdonalds has destroyed rainforests for cellouse.

22 Everyone Likes It Even Though It's Bad for You

UGH I am pretty much the only person who hasn't had McDonald's in 2 years. Their food is awful for you. I hate how the restaurant is so popular.

I don't eat there food I'm researcher and it's been proven McDonald food is addictive thanks to the chemicals

Actually their food is fairly healthy compared to other burger joints like Sonic

I haven ate it in 9 years

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23 Ferris's Funky Farm

These commercials are really stupid and lame. They're trying to convince the kids and adults that a Happy Meal at McDonald's is healthy. Why does the boy (Ferris) go to McDonald's when he lives on a farm? He can probably grow his own food! And one of the commercials stated that Ferris was happy after getting a Happy Meal from McDonald's. So, I bet he had a miserable life - Stazemar000

I HATED Ferris's funky farm commercials. taking a goat to mcdonald's to eat healthier. HA. He'll be 30 pounds bigger, or a tiny dinosaur growing bigger going into space, no it would still be tiny and fat. - fnafgirl101

You guys are just a bunch of haters. -Enderman

I watched the commercials in the past and noticed something... These characters are trying to convince people that a Happy Meal at McDonald's is healthy! And why?

By telling you it has apple slices and milk in it. Also, singing corny songs about it too

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24 They Used to Make Meat Out of Pink Slime and Clean It With Ammonia V 1 Comment
25 They Need to Rename Their Happy Meals Crappy Meals

One of my family died from mcdonalds - Sparkjolt

You people are just a bunch of haters

Last time I got a happy meals the nuggets were stale, cold, overcooked and rubbery and chewy. They tasted like cardboard and textas combined. - Lunala

Stfu idiot you must want to die of cancer McDonald's is bad

26 They Are Destroying Life

They kill animals

27 The Chicken Nuggets Smell Like Farts

They kinda do, or don't depends on how well the employees cook them - Lunala

Not true -_-

28 They Only Care About Milk and Apples

I saw a few Happy Meal commercials, they only talk about enjoying it with the "goodness" of apples and milk. They never mention anything about the Chicken McNuggets and Fries. Speaking of nuggets, why does McDonald's have to put them in every single Happy Meal commercial? Is a hamburger or a cheeseburger NOT good enough for the children? They should know that the Chicken McNuggets contain a substance called "chicken paste". I saw a video of how they make the nuggets and found it gross. Bleh! - Stazemar000

True :(

29 The drive through employee woman sounds like a robot and is partially deaf

Like when I ask for a chicken McWrap, I ask for no sauce, and sometimes I get barbeque sauce instead of ranch. My mom ordered a coffee and got an espresso decaf also.

30 I'm Lovin' It Motto

That logo should've been called I'm hatin' it.

More like "I'm Hatin' It" - Stazemar000

31 They added Teen Titans Go! for the Happy Meal

Gonna put this higher! - ChuckECheese

So? - Officialpen

What the effing hell? It's bad enough I hate TTG, but why add it to the McDonald's chain? - Stazemar000

Oh my god! Why did they have to do this! Unbelievable!

I saw a commercial of it and thought to myself... "Wow, they just HAD to add my least favorite show to the mix! "

They did okay on some of the toys such as... Sing, Beanie Babies, Secret Life of Pets, etc.

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32 Ronald McDonald

I have a love/hate relationship w/ Mickey D's, but the clown's out of the picture right now and doesn't get the attention he used to have since his heydays. Remember Hamburglar? Grimace? Mayor McCheese? Even Birdie the Early Bird? Even these guys never made a comeback ever since. Ronald McDonald and the gang need to come back and fix their reputations. Kids and adults won't say "I'm lovin' it" while eating their Big Macs or Happy Meals because they don't see him in lots of commercials. Ronald was the superstar of what makes McDonald's an ultimate fast food franchise.

He is scary like who didn't have a nightmare about him

When I was little I thought he was a pedophile.

McDonald's: I'm hating it

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33 You Get Upset When Your Realize that You are Too Old to Play in the Play-Place

You can still ignore those rules and play in the play Place.

Playplace smells like cramp farts and mcnuggets and is greasy. People vandalise it and I see weird white/green/blue/black stains in the plastic. Who knows what those stains were. Vomit or pee or poo - Lunala

34 The Restaurant is Super Freezing Cold
35 Their Toys Are Cheap Plastic
36 Creepy Mascots

Happy the Happy Meal and the original versions of Roland McDonald and the Hamburglar are enough to give you nightmares for weeks!

37 Weird Meat Hidden in the Burgers
38 They Sell Apples in a Bag
39 Too many variants of the Oreo McFlurry

I am fine with the choice of either Oreo or M&Ms McFlurry, but when they ask me if I'd like a Twix, or Snickers, or a Butterfinger McFlurry. I get so annoyed

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40 Their Food is Always Cold

Why can't they ever serve a HOT burger?

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1. The Food Is Extremely Unhealthy
2. It Smells Like Sewer
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