Worst Things About the Meme "What Are Those"


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1 The fact that it's so popular

I absolutely despise "What are those" with a passion. There's this idiot in my French class that slides across the classroom to his friend and screams "WHAT ARE THOOSSEE? ". It annoys everyone in the class, especially me.
And that's how he got a C in the first term of middle school in French class - kaitlynrad11

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2 It's just shoes
3 That so many people laugh at it

People try and use it on me all the time and it's really annoying but thankfully it's one of those trends that will be dead in a year or two. - AGK

I would pray for it to be dead before I leave middle school. And I just got IN middle school 2 months ago! - kaitlynrad11

4 His shoes weren't half bad looking

It's annoying when people do it even if your shoes are nice. It ruins the point of the "joke". It just makes an unfunny meme even more unfunny and pointless.

5 It makes some people lose faith in humanity
6 People keep ripping it off

Well, that's why it's a meme. - keycha1n

7 That he was probably bothering the police
8 Where did he think of this?
9 It makes no sense
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