Top Ten Worst Things About Metal Fans

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1 They don't like pop or pop fans

Do YOU like metal or metal fans? - Metal_Treasure

@BlueFrostOfThunderClan - no, go see her new list "Top Ten Reasons Why Metalheads are Annoying", which is a proof that some people don't learn from their mistakes. - Metal_Treasure


I am a metal fan.and WonkeyDude98 a famous user on toptens who like pop music.ask him if I like pop music? this item here is incorrect - zxm

2 They can't stop talking about metal

Why should they? They're passionate about their chosen music genre. Just as you are (I assume) about pop! - Britgirl

Is that a problem? - Metalhead1997

Fans of EVERY genre talk about music they like. It's normal and logical.
What is weird here is that a pop fan can't stop talking about metal and even made this lame list. With lame items, including this one. - Metal_Treasure

3 They won't shut up

This and the one above it are literally the same thing. - Metalhead1997

4 They don't like other genres except metal

I like metal, weird al yankovic, Ray Stevens, and some gangsta ( I'm honestly not sure if that's right) rap

Dude, it's their tastes in music. I listened to one metal song and I actually liked it. - Neonco31

Look at my phone's music library. - Metalhead1997

Ha ha,
here's some metalheads who like other genres

ryanrimmel (see his profile)

Metal_Treasure (he loves metal than any other genre but he likes other genres too )

Ananya (see some lists and comments ) - zxm

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5 They can't accept that pop is better than metal

"No genre is better than another",a quote from a genius visitor - zxm

Why should I accept something that is completely wrong? - Metal_Treasure

Using your logic, I would ask: Can YOU accept that metal is better than pop? - Metal_Treasure it's not. Well, modern pop isn't. - Metalhead1997

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6 They can't accept that metal is satanic

No, it is YOU who can't accept that most of metal is NOT satanic. - Metal_Treasure

But your sex-induced pop isn't? - Metalhead1997

There is only some issues with black metal.but I can sure that most other metal sub-genres are safe. - zxm

7 They think metal should be popular

I used to think this but not anymore because I realized that metal music isn't from the group of popular music. Music genres can be divided into two big groups: Art Music (aka Real music) and Popular Music. Most of the metal subgenres are from the group of Art Music that "requires significantly more work by the listener to fully appreciate than is typical of popular music". Metal music isn't for everybody. Same for classical music, which is also Art Music (wiki, Art Music). - Metal_Treasure

Because who wouldn't want to hear *insert pop song here* immediately followed by- " AAH! AUSCHWITZ! THE MEANING OF PAIN! THE WAY THAT I WANT YOU TO DIE! " I know I would.

Every fan of their genres thinks that - zxm

8 They want to kill pop fans

Oh dear... I didn't even make a list 'Top Ten Worst Things About Pop Fans'... - Metal_Treasure

This is the most stereotypical list in all of existence.

We want to kill stupid people, like everyone else. Stupid comes in all shapes and sizes, not just pop fans.

As a Metalhead, and convicted serial killer, I can confirm that this assumption is true. - The_Crimson_King

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9 They don't listen to modern pop music

Do YOU listen to modern metal music? - Metal_Treasure

Why should we be forced to? - Metalhead1997

I listen to modern music! Yeah, I said it. I like modern music. Let's see, I like Vektor, Havok, Infant Annihilator, etc.

who said? - zxm

10 They are idiots

Whoever made this list is an idiot.

I know about the Battle of Thermopylae in 479 because so does that make me an idiot? - Metalhead1997


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11 They insult fans of metal subgenres they deem "poser metal".

This list is terrible, but here's a item that I think fits perfectly. - somelifeonaplanet

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