Top 10 Worst Things About Metal Haters

Now before you all comment on my list and say how much of a stupid idiot I am, I just want to make one thing clear. This list is NOT about the people who hate Heavy Metal but don't view it as a tool of Satan. This list is about the people who ignorantly say that all Metal is satanic and requires no talent whatsoever. You've met these people in real life. You even see them online (especially the Anti-Metal Club).

You can dislike Metal all you want but don't go around saying that all Metal is satanic and requires no talent at all because it's not true. It's not true at all and if you want proof that Metal isn't satanic then guess what? There is Christian Metal. Yes. Christian Metal exists. I'm not making this up.

So these are the top 10 worst things about the people who go on about how Metal is the devil's music and it'll turn you into a monster.

The Top Ten

1 Close-mindedness
2 They think all metal is satanic

No is not satanic you pop losers

This music genre talks about religions, war, life and even more interesting subjects. They are just negative with theirs cause pop music that they listen to because that garbage talks about sex, drugs, partying and more horrible topics which could not your kids listen to, it brainwashes people's mind and will be getting more dumber than ever with the devils control to trap humans side so as to stay bad and selfish forever. Metal is nothing to do about satanism, they just try send warning messages to not being crushed with Satan in order to keep people's mind clean without to change their life.

3 They think metal turns you into a psychopath

Metal doesn't turn you into a psychopath. YOU turn yourself into a psychopath.

If someone thinks this they obviously don't know what makes a psychopath

I listen to metal and I'm not even in high school yet. And I'm not a psychopath.

4 They say metal requires no talent whatsoever

Metal screaming takes a lot of talent. You need to breathe right, have it come from deep down and not strain yourself. Also, pushing buttons takes no talent.

5 The anti-metal club
6 They keep spreading the rumor
7 They're too scared to even try metal out for themselves
8 "It's all screaming"

Not all metal is screaming. Power metal doesn't have screaming and metal bands like Judas Preist, Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath (I know Black Sabbath aren't around anymore, but anyway.) don't scream.

9 They call it screamo

One time, someone asked me if I listened to "screamo", but I asked if they meant "emo" because not every metal band "screams", there are metal singers that can sing (Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, James Hetfield, Ronnie James Dio, etc) and a lot of emo bands do scream, so that's why retarded pop and rap music fans get metal and emo mixed up. They don't know which is metal and which is "screamo"

10 They think metal is a phase
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