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21 Nu-metal

People hate because they don't think rap and metal should mix I guess.

Terrible pretentious garbage. - Caleb9000

It's probably on here because of those genre hating metalheads.

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22 Genre Bashers

These are the absolute worst. They're the reason why Metal isn't mainstream.

While ignorant Metalheads aren't busy bashing Metal subgenres 24/7, they're also bashing other genres of music as well.

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23 Satanic Bands (Gorgoroth, Mayhem, Ect.)

Ghost, Mercyful Fate, Behemoth, Deicide? Those are awesome bands - ryanrimmel

Don't forget about Deicide.

Nt everyone believes in God. We are more about the music than lyrics. - Caleb9000

24 Gore-obsessed Death Metal Bands (Cannibal Corpse, Necrophagist, Ect.)

They're album art is difficult to look at, so they automatically suck? Retard. - Caleb9000

How can anyone stand looking at their album art?

25 It can cause You to Become Angry

This list made have been by a big troll. - Fretto

Almost all of thesre are steryotypes. It is a way for us to get out our anger, sometimes. That is why there is aggression in it. It is musically complex and diverse and it takes a decent amount of talent to even be respected by a lot of the metal scene. But it is heavy, which helps us when our day sucks. It helped me a lot as a kid. Not that it saved my life. I made the choice to listen to it. I am a metalhead and I am proud. - Caleb9000

I think you haven't heard of folk, symphonic, neoclassical or prog metal. - zxm

Now you know why metal isn't appreciated by most people.

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26 Pornogrind

This genre has no fans whatsoever and is notorious for being terrible. - Caleb9000

Why does this even exist?!

There is no such thing please don't say anything fake about metal - Ananya

27 The Fact that There Has to be Screaming and Growling in every Genre

Not all of this is, it's a stereotype. - Pony

Whoever put this on the list is an idiot.

Shut up it's my opinion. I'm not saying that ALL genres have to not have screaming and growling.

28 Poser Metal Bands

There is nothing wrong about being a poser metal band. I mean if a band simply failed to be a metal band doesn't mean they are bad. - zxm

29 Fans saying that a certain band has saved their life

Stop saying "Black Veil Brides saved my life! " Bands do NOT save lives. You save your life.

Those are always the core bands. - Caleb9000

30 Fred Durst Fred Durst William Frederick "Fred" Durst is an American musician and film director. Durst is best known as the vocalist of the nu metal band Limp Bizkit, formed in 1994, with whom he has released six studio albums.
31 Most metalheads state that a band can't save someone's life

That is pretty much true. Bands don't save lives. Only YOU save your life. That's why you should not hate yourself.

That is pretty much true. Bands don't save lives. Only YOU save your life. That's why you should not hate yourself.

Not true at all. Only those scene kids do that and they are super annoying. - Caleb9000

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32 It Can Cause Crimes V 2 Comments
33 Psychotic Black Metal
34 Pure Evil Black Metal
35 Black Metal Artists who Kill People and Animals
36 Moshing
37 Metal Albums with Creepy and Gory Album Art
38 Black Metal Satanists V 1 Comment
39 Christian Metal
40 Mayhem's Dawn of the Black Hearts Album

The performance was good, but it was wrong of Euronomous to put Dead's dead body on the cover. We like the music, but we do not like him. He was a dick. - Caleb9000

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