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1 They can't respect opinions

All the metalheads I know don't have a problem with other genres and many even like some pop songs. In every genre there are going to be those few stubborn people. Yes, there will be some metalheads who hate everything else because "metal uses instruments", but many people have told me metal is garbage and not even music. Whether you like it or not, that's different, but to make metal music you need to understand musical theory and there is still melody. It's definitely music, at least. This list is incredibly biased. All of these points can go both ways other than some metalheads not appreciating other types of metal.

I love metal and dislike most pop, but I'm fine with people who do unless they shove it in my face and make stupid comments like "oh pop is better than metal you're a loser if you like metal" or "metal is just noise pop is better because of their looks" and nonsense like that. - NikBrusk

@WonkeyDude98 - man, you are totally wrong: "metalheads like you can't accept the fact that some people like pop". There are no such signs on my lists so please, don't attribute to me things that aren't mine. I accepted this fact and I'm OK with it. I never made any single list about "Worst Things About Pop Fans, Pop music" or similar. I even defended Adele several times, when a pop & rap fan wrote about her "Ugly, fat, can't sing" - I'm not her fan but she can sing and I appreciate talented people from all genres. - Metal_Treasure

No one means you specifically. I apologize if I didn't title or describe this specific enough - ProPanda

My god I hate people like this. (Looks at PhantomMilitia and Brobusky.

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2 They criticize other metalheads for certain types of Metal they listen to

Personally, I hate nu metal and metalcore for example. I won't deny that. But it's still metal and different people like different things and I respect that. The metalheads who do criticize other metal are pretty stubborn.

People criticized me for listening to Linkin Park, Slipknot, and Korn. They claim "it's not real metal". Well whatever helps you sleep at night, but don't criticize me for listening to the Metal I like! - NikBrusk

Oh wow. Just because one retarded site said it wasn't metal, it doesn't mean it's true. How is Slipknot not metal? Please explain, without bias. I bet you can't. - NikBrusk

Some do, others don't as for me I say whatever rocks your boat. - BoredJeff02

Not really. I like A7X. And once I asked MT why they aren't a metal band? he described it to me. And said something like that "Just because they aren't metal doesn't mean they are not good". I don't like black metal. But I've never bashed someone for loving it. - zxm

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3 They don't ever really use reasoning

Most of the reasoning people (including me) use is "they rely on a computer to make music for them" and "they use their looks to get popular". I know not all pop artists are like that and some do have legit talent, I'm just saying me and other metalheads say this because a majority of the time it's true. - NikBrusk

Pop artists just do things for popularity and the fans only like what's popular and trendy and they rely on their looks to become popular and have no talent and don't even try to make good music. When a retard wrote a song about a fox, he didn't even care if people liked the song or not and just did it to become popular. - MorbidCannibalSlayer

This is ridiculous. This entire list is disrespectful to the metal culture. In every single genre, there will be some fan who's incredibly stubborn and never uses reasoning. There is NO better music. It all depends on opinion. It's true that instruments don't make a song automatically good, but it's perfectly okay to prefer music for reasons like that. Just because ProPanda met one stubborn metalhead doesn't make all metalheads high and mighty idiots.

Some pop artists have talent, however, some of them are famous for no good reason like Jacob Sartorious. I do not like pop nowadays because to me it is not appealing. I also do not like it when pop artists cannot sing live. - AnimeDrawer

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4 They are ignorant

How is liking Metal music ignorant exactly? - BoredJeff02

Liking metal music isn't ignorant. However, using bad reasoning to bash on other music genres is. - SelfDestruct

Not all are ignorant, it's just some are.

5 They can't accept good pop music

I defended several times Adele, Whitney Houston, Adam Lambert and Jackie Evancho from pop & rap fans, not from metal fans. I did it because I appreciate their singing talent (I'm not a typical fan of theirs, it's different). And I even defended somebody without a big talent in a context that wasn't music-related: I said Justin Bieber is overhated and it's immature to think he is the most evil person in history - more evil than Hitler, Stalin, etc. I'm not his fan but I try to be unbiased and reasonable. - Metal_Treasure

This list is just basically saying "all metal fans hate popular music and trash - talk every other genre because metal has instruments", an incredibly stupid stereotype. - Swellow

There is no "good" pop music! There is no "bad" pop music either! It's all about preference. Of course it's amazing though, because one random guy likes it so therefore it is the only good music on earth regardless of others' opinions. Well using this bs logic, some people can't accept "GOOD" metal music. Incredibly biased.

A metalhead that likes pop music is not a true metalhead.

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6 They say false things

Pop actually requires some talent and producing, metal requires instruments to play, which is talent as well. But I do not like it when some pop artists only are famous for their looks, yet they do not have vocals, not all pop artists are like that though. It is also not appealing to me anymore, we are all different. Most pop songs are about sex, but not all pop songs are about sex. - AnimeDrawer

Like what? See, it is you who don't really use reasoning... The truth is that usually metal haters say false things, such as metal is satanic, metal is only screaming, and so on. - Metal_Treasure

Um what is it that metalheads say that's false exactly? - BoredJeff02

It's been only 2 days. and the list is already on the hottest list page. I can see that, the arguments will increase - zxm

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7 They are hypocrites

Apparently pop has awful lyrics, unlistenable vocals, and poor instrumentation, but Five Finger Death Punch is awesome! - WonkeyDude98

Like this list isn't hypocritical? - BoredJeff02

Yo visitor, how am I a hypocrite, please tell me, I always need ways to improve - ProPanda

Hey PhantomMilitia, how's it going? Long time no care.

No, in fact, those quotes aren't hypocritical, because we aren't the ones prejudicing every artist in the AOTY section just because they're pop. YOU are, and thus, YOU are the elitist. - WonkeyDude98

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8 They troll the internet

Lists like "Top Ten Reasons Why Pop Music Is Awful" isn't trolling and have pretty good reasons. But yeah, I do agree that metal elitists adding pop and rap stars to lists like "Worst People In History" and "Worst Events In History" is immature and stupid. - NikBrusk

This is valid how? - BoredJeff02

Have you SEEN the Worst People Ever list? - WonkeyDude98

"Only like pop stars for their looks"

So that's why SwagFlicks and I have hundreds of detailed reviews of pop songs good and bad.

And that's why the biggest reasoning ANY metalhead has EVER used for ANYTHING on this site is "they use instruments". - WonkeyDude98

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9 They call pop fans immature for their own opinions

Enough of the nonsense that "most" metalheads do these things. How many have you met? 2? Just because you met one horrible person that happens to like metal, doesn't make metalheads all evil people. This is very similar to racism, for example. Just because some terrorists attack in the name of Islam, of course, ALL muslims are evil! So one metalhead hurts someone's feelings, of course, ALL metalheads are stubborn brutes!

We have seen several comments similar to this reason from several people. - SelfDestruct

I don't call some Pop fans immature for their opinions I call some Pop Fans immature based on their constant lashing out when you criticize a overrated pop artist. - BoredJeff02

Wow, you really seem triggered over that one comment, Phantom. Imagine that multiplied thousand-fold. That's this site, and the bile that I in particular get, in a nutshell. - WonkeyDude98

I admit I used to like pop, even last year. But this year is the year I do not like pop anymore. However, calling all pop fans immature is biased. Not all pop fans are immature. - AnimeDrawer

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10 They are immature

This is perhaps the most relevant complaint on this list. They tend to be mired in obsessive, worshipful minutiae, such as actually measuring the length of "screams," overemphasizing speed and "complexity" as somehow related to musicality or instrumental prowess; waxing authoritative on what is "difficult" to play, when they've never even blown a kazoo; endless, unsolicited, irrelevant tutorials on trivia regarding metal "musicians," their kids, their pets, their ignorant politics, their "socially conscious causes"...all in attempt to convince someone (likely themselves) that their "genre" is not only "classical," but somehow superior. It's all a crushing bore.

Of course, some are. But then there are the Bieber fans who claim he's the best artist of all time because he looks pretty. I don't even have anything against Bieber, I don't care about him, but there are fans of every single genre that are full of crap.

Or that they genuinely believe he is the greatest artist ever because they think he makes better music that everyone else? - SwagFlicks

Some metal fans are immature I see a comment to the list Top Ten Things that You Would Love to Throw to Metalheads and the visitor commented " Metal is god and you will die" I report that comment and I'm glad that comment is removed already - lovingicecreams

Every music fanbase has immature fans not just metal music ALL music does. - BoredJeff02

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11 They are annoying

Name one music fanbase that isn't? - BoredJeff02

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12 They think it's bad if you like both Metal and Pop
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