Why the Word "Elitist" Should Stop Being Thrown Around and No One Cares About Your Taste

Note: this is not a response to ProPanda. This is a response to both "elitists" and the people that cry "elitist"

Recently, I've been getting multiple messages a week from users saying to me "this site sucks, doesn't it?" or along those lines. I think what people need to realise about me and this site is that I just don't give a f*** anymore. I don't have the time to actively change the site or vote for an admin or whatever. But there is one lesson that can be taught now that I have half an hour.

I don't think many of you actually know what the word "elitist" means. It is someone who feels their opinion is superior and that they feel proud to like what they like. Now, I'm not gonna lie. I have those moments when I feel lucky to like what I do. But everyone has those thoughts, don't deny it.

It's only when you voice those thoughts however, that you actually get called an elitist. But in reality, they're not. Because they already had those thoughts before, and so do you. So in reality, they're not an elitist, they're just a douchebag. Sometimes you might feel high and mighty because you listen to Darkthrone. Congratulations, no one cares. You're not better than anyone because of that.

That's what it all boils down to. No one cares about your taste in music. Why do you think album reviews get so little attention compared to everything else? It doesn't matter whether you like a certain album or band, especially if they're not as well known, you're still not gonna satisfy the masses. I've recommended tonnes of bands to people here, from the likes of Disillusion to Beardfish. But I doubt anyone has actually checked them out because of me. And that's perfectly fine, no need to shove my opinion down people's throats. I listen to those bands because I like them, not because others do. And at the end of the day that's all that matters.

And then there's the people that cry elitist over a differing opinion. I've seen it on this site. User X will recommend a band to user Y. User Y thinks they suck, and user X cries "ELITIST!" SHUT UP. Not everyone has to like pop music or metal music or djent or crunkcore or whatever the hell you listen to. So long as you're happy with what you listen to, that's all that matters. And if someone berates you for it, then they're a c**t. Not an elitist.

The point is that both sides of the spectrum are equal crybabies. I hate it when people berate others for listening to what they like, whilst expecting to be taken seriously. And I also hate it when people cry elitist for not liking a certain artist or type of music. And then of course there's the perfectionists who'll berate you and look down on you for thinking a certain metal band is a certain subgenre. That'll be a separate post in the future.

So yeah. It's not an elitist problem, it's a douchebag problem. And the douchebags are on both sides.


One thing that annoys me about these types of people is that they think the type of music they listen to is real music. There's no such thing as real music. All music is subjective anyway. - visitor

Hey I take music recommendations very seriously :D

Also people need to understand that music is just f***ing music. You're not special because of your music taste. So instead of wasting your time hating on music you don't like, how about take that time to enjoy what you like. I can go on more about this but I don't feel like going on rant mode. - cjWriter1997

I like recommendations too. But it's when people feel special for liking it that I have a problem with. - IronSabbathPriest

So true. I never took sides in this war, I thought it was all too immature. - TwilightKitsune

So he's saying Slipknot was right? People = Sh*t? - EliHbk

Slipknot was never right about anything. - visitor

I agree with this post. I'm not a fan of either genre, but "elitist" has become some sort of buzzword all of a sudden. It's like those pointless fights that happened a while ago regarding pop or metal. Really it's a joke, honestly, like how most of this site has become. - Swellow

I agree. I do sorta apply here, and I'm just gonna stop caring at this point. Good post. - ProPanda

What a explaination if reasoning - visitor

I apologize for starting the war. And for everything MetalObsessed did, I really did the best by deleting that account. - visitor

I hate this sh*t as well. I like BoredJeff02 as a user, but he heavily overuses the term elitist. - visitor