Worst Things About #MeToo

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1 It is ruining innocent people's lives

What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? - 445956

I absolutely agree. The #MeToo movement has turned into a witch-hunt and is basically McCarthyism 2.0. - rapaddict97

I agree 100%.

2 There is no official proof behind the accusations

No proof should be necessary.


3 It is physically impossible to end all sexual harassment

Yes! What's the point to the movement if something like sexual harassment have've been here since human intelligence have popped up. It's impossible to end sexual harassment.

This is probably the best point on the whole list

Face the facts - 445956

4 No accusations from men against women have been reported, which probably means these accusations are fake

Melanie Martinez was a woman accused by a woman, but that isn't an exception - 445956

WHAT?! - judo8alex

It’s way too specific for any of the accusations to be true.

5 If people are saying they were harassed a long time ago, why didn't they do something at the time?

Because they were too scared at the time, I think. But still, I agree.

6 No accusations have been against dead people, and if they supposedly did do it, you should still talk about it

HA, that is very true.


7 It is putting tons of pressure and hardship into the lives of elderly people

I agree, and it applies to all people besides elders as well.

Stan Lee's wife died and he's 95 and they do it to him. What the heck? - 445956

8 It stopped James Franco from getting an Oscar

Like, what the heck? - 445956

What the hell? He should have gotten that Oscar, but he didn’t because some dumb bitch had to be a dumb selfish tool.

9 It put George Takei into serious hardship

Read some of his tweets, he seems serious. He's supposed to be a very nice man and he's 80. - 445956

Nobody deserves this, let alone him!

My school taught me that he had a very hard childhood during WW2. Come on people! - 445956

Takei has always been a sanctimonious arse, it serves him right to be taken down a few notches.

10 People can go against nice people like Keanu Reeves and Tom Hanks

How would these dumb liars like it if I accused them of it and ruined their lives?! I want to do that now. Actually no, I have a worse punishment: make them listen to Cannibal Corpse.

Read the item about George Takei - 445956

Could you ever imagine what would happen if TTT "prodigies" like Jackie Evancho suddenly were affected by this? What would that do?

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11 What started as a stand against so called sex pests has quickly turned into a modern day witch hunt

The women must be believed in every case. If some innocent men are convicted, its just rightful payback for past injustices.

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