Top 10 Worst Things About Middle School

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21 Science

Science sucks! because
1) The teacher do not know about science
2) Always Test even at the first day at school

22 Every Teacher Bitching About Your Body Changing

Is there any teacher that doesn't tell you straight to your face that you stink and sprays you with Lysol? *rhetorical* I hope so.

23 Social Studies

Literally in 6th and 7th grade I loved history and had the best teacher. I knew everything thing about politics, wars, commandments, etc. but now I hate it with passion. My history teacher now doesn't even teach us, she hardly even talks to us she just writes it on the board and tells us to get to work like she doesn't even deserve to be called a teachers if she doesn't teach

This was my favorite class by the way - DarkandSinister

In fifth grade I actully started liking social studies because everything was with partners and I learned so much interrsting thing I filled up my whole notebook. Then I got to sixth grade and I hated social studies.

24 Cursing and Swearing
25 That One Lonely Guy V 1 Comment
26 Homeroom

I sit in homeroom and just stare at the walls

27 Too Many Worksheets
28 Teenyboppers

Some of the 7th graders(juniors) are like this. I mean, really! They all talk about Twilight movies, One Direction, and use Instagram too much. When I was at 7th grade, I never acted like that! - MLPFan

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29 Strict Dress Codes

If you don't have a dress code then you are lucky.

You can't even wear a tank top without getting yelled at

Phew we don't have that

We don't have dress codes!

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30 All The Girls Attack You

Lol I was in the hallway and a boy told me I was mean and I said "no, just honest." And so we started being honest and he looked me up and down and said "you have a small butt" and I was so offended and needless to say that afternoon I was one of those girls.

All the popular girls are always thinking that they are better then you. Also they always talk about your butt and how small it is or how stupid you are. What they don't relize that they are exactly the same and that they make me strong not them.

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31 No More Ice Cream Socials

Come on! They were fun and I even got to go outside and party! Stupid school

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32 People Running in the Hallways
33 Class Changes

We never change classes. We will sit in the same classroom for an entire year. The ones changing would be the teachers. - MLPFan

I wish we never change classes in middle school.

34 Horrible Lunch

I don't know why, but the lunches in my school don't taste so bad. - Pegasister12

I'm in 7th grade and my friend found... "burnt meat" says the teacher... it's probably raw meat!

We have to bring much and I bring my mom's worst(carrot and egg sandwich) and two fiber biscut because need to lose weight! (51 KG! :0)

35 PE

I dread PE. EVERY TIME the teacher calls me to demonstrate something, I ALWAYS mess it up!

My 6th grade PE teacher was actually very understanding and awesome, but I'm not as enthralled with my 7th grade PE teacher as much.

Why the hell is this not #1

I'm not really a strengthful person myself. If anything, I'm rather weak - MLPFan

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36 You Get Out of School Late

Get home so late, you can't even live a REAL life! I mean come on, high schoolers get home earlier than we do.

37 You No Longer Have Weekly Minimum Days

What are you talking about I'm in 6th grade and we still do

I still do but only on Wednesday. - Pegasister12

Same, We normally get out at 2:54, But at 2:04 is the minimum day time
that's FIFTY MINUTES EARLY😡 and sixth graders get out at 12:15 on minimum days

38 Stupid People
39 School Schedules
40 No Talking Allowed V 1 Comment
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