Top 10 Worst Things About Middle School

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41 Detention

It's boring. You just keep waiting and waiting and... Your parent are gonna scream there heads

The LITTLEST thing I do my teacher will SEND ME THERE

It should be #1...

42 Teachers Who Don't Believe You
43 Bad Grades

Not really a person with bad grades (If anything, I'm one of the people with above average and good grades) but I can see why this is a bit bad. But hey, It's not the school's fault. It means that you need to study harder - MLPFan

You can't hate middle school for that. You can get bad grades in any school.

Are you Asian (person below me) lol

I got two B's and my dad grounded me for 3 days

44 School Shooting

That would be terrible! Bleeding,hurt or dead people,and serial killers! Surprisingly,Justin Bieber visits and sings isn't on the list.but it would be bad though

45 You Get In Trouble for Nothing

Once, I went to say hi to my friend. The teacher saw me and handed me a detention saying "for swearing to another peer".what the heck.

46 Mean Teachers
47 Getting Expelled
48 Losing Friends

I have only one friend in my class and don't get to talk much

49 Getting Suspended
50 People Pushing Each Other
51 Dirty Restrooms
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