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1 Admins

They delete my posts for no reason and I said a ton of swear words to them and I got banned! What! They can't accept criticism!

They banned me for REPORTING someone - N64Dude

They Banned me for no reason.

You know what? good riddance, Miiverse, people who spam the report button, kids seeking for dates (i even saw hot dates, but they get away because.. reasons), capricious community (a lot whined about the post limitations, maintenance and such..),

Miiverse was like any social-networks, useless to begin with, plus its stupidity reached a high level because some communities removed the in-game screenshots due to stupid users.

i could understand that they want to protect the younger, but they ignore that they put limitations infairly.

a lot never used it for its main use: games, you could see:
-ask for dates,
-yeah, suscribe, popularity beggers,
-RPs, they were.. bad,
-Mii clans wars..

so yeah, Miiverse, you won't be missed, and please, Nintendo, never put a social-network again..

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2 Trolls
3 Miiverse Hates the L.G.B.T.
4 Dumb Drawers

Some people just draw very bad - dinosaur

It not there fault they draw bad. -.-

5 Miiverse Deletes Inappropriate Content Even Though It is from Nintendo
6 You Can Talk About Your Least Favorite People

I want ridley gets reported and banned -

7 No Copyright Protection
8 Temporary Bans Last Too Long
9 People Report You for Not Having the Same Opinion

Yes. If you have a different opinion some user will either block you or report you.

It's a reason why I got console banned. - NoodleRidley

Don't respect opinions a lot.

10 Bad Updates

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11 Miiverse Allow Sexual Miis
12 You Get Banned for Asking for Friends
13 Dumb Requests
14 You Can't Use the Word Hacker
15 False Reporting
16 Haters
17 Limited Messages
18 Spoilers
19 You Have to Be Positive
20 Email Ban

I got email ban every time by no reason! I get two week bans like 3 times!

21 Miiverse Redesign
22 Racism
23 Yeah Bombers
24 Drawing Requesters

Why. Just... WHY?

25 Being blocked for having a different opinion
26 You can’t say “PM” because they’re the initials of Project M (which is a Smash Bros. mod)
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