Top 10 Worst Things About Millennials


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1 The sexualisation of kids.

Some parents would even tell their children to twerk!

No just no! we don’t do that, remove that from this list. We aren’t so disgusting. This is just plain fake

2 We care more about FB friends than we do about our relationships.
3 Ungrateful kids.

Millennials get picked on because of social media, internet usage increase.
Less people used the internet in the 90s.
and before there was no internet.
Millennials are the bullied generation and you know it.

4 Stupid trends.

Stuff like the

5 Obsession with technology.


6 Dumb teens.

Like teens who care more about having sex than having a job.

7 More mass shootings
8 Awful haircuts.
9 More wars
10 Crime rate increasing

The Contenders

11 People being forced to accept things they don't agree with.
12 Awful music.

A lot of the worst songs come from this decade, the 2010s...

13 Terrible people get praise for bad behavior
14 The corruption of the news.
15 Annoying trends
16 People getting famous over nothing
17 Awful TV shows.
18 Stupidity

Whoever put about having sex at the age of 15 thinks millennials are all dolly the sheep.

Oh it all carries on from generations cowardly hate speech, its just that older generations didn't have computers to use cowardly hate speech.

Stupid enough to not know who their senator are. Stupid enough to try and have sex at the age of 15. Who are they? MILLENNIALS!

19 High school dropout rate
20 Social media addiction

If you're having trouble, then A Life is right for you!

21 Music tastes

No, Drake is not decent.

22 Food preferences


23 Greediness

Please stop spamming "How do I look? " on Instagram.

24 Over-caring about the environment


Look, I know that they're trying to do something good, but when you do something like they did in South Park at the Whole Foods and We Bare Bears at the EcoMart, something's wrong with you.

25 Patriotism

Sure, you may be from Canada or somewhere like that, but ONLY 43% of American millennials say that America is the greatest country. what?

26 Hipster-ism

I know you gotta respect opinions, but the hipsters' opinions on life simply aren't tolerable.

27 Vocabulary


28 Attempt to keep up

Stop trying to follow trends and just BE YOURSELF.

29 Challenges that are dangerous
30 Rude people
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1. More mass shootings
2. More wars
3. Crime rate increasing
1. The sexualisation of kids.
2. We care more about FB friends than we do about our relationships.
3. Ungrateful kids.


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