Top 10 worst things about Minecraft's "Factions" Gamemode

Well, time to start on one of the most popular gamemodes...

The Top Ten

1 It's Boring

It's survival, except once you get diamonds, an impressive base, and more... you can't really build anything.
No statues or anything along those lines. - mattstat716

2 Raiding

I like raiding other bases though. - PeeledBanana

Cool, you go find a base! But... wait. You can't unclaim their land? Oh, well too bad. Looks like they'll move the entire base away. - mattstat716

3 Moving the Entire Base Away

If someone /sethome's in your base, you're screwed. Time to pack up and leave. - mattstat716

4 Dying

I was playing factions a few days ago on some server I was told about, we just started, we got iron armor with diamond swords but then some full enchanted diamond guy jumped at me and I lost all my stuff. - PeeledBanana

Lose all your stuff, and you lose "power", meaning you can be raided. This esp. sucks if you just joined, because now you have 0 "power". - mattstat716

5 Hackers

OH boy.. forcefield is the most hated thing, and if you die by them, you aren't geting your stuff back. Even if they're banned. You know, unless the staff are *Extremely nice*. - mattstat716

6 Removal of Notch Apples + 1.9 Combat

Ever since then, combat has been awful. Doesn't help that Notch Apples were trashed. - mattstat716

Now there's 1.12 -.- 1.9 PvP was bad enough and they made more versions - PeeledBanana

7 There's Too Many

There are WAYY too many of these servers. - mattstat716

8 Ragequitting

So many people ragequit when they're raided...
I am actually guilty of this in the past a couple times, so yes, I admit that too. - mattstat716

9 Salty People
10 Abusive Staff

With so many servers out there, you'd be insane not to see at least ONE have staff cheating/giving out notch apples or other good loot to other players (aka not you) simply because they said "you have a nice skin".

OR, Someone applies, gets staff, and then abuses it.

Isn't that lovely when you've worked hard on your base? - mattstat716

The Contenders

11 Bullying Pros

They tease at you saying rude stuff like
"Lol look at that dirty dope! He doesn't even have a faction! "
"Admire me! You will never be as good as me, the almighty (insert username here). HAHA NOOB! "
And much more...
They just poison the whole server and make it very unwelcome for newcomers then they move on to another one and continuing their "ambitious plans". - MChkflaguard_Yt

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