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1 You're about to win a game and then all a sudden, Time Out

I think number 1 should be getting called as a noob even though you made one mistake or you killed someone or got someone angry at some pointless thing but, this is still a good reason - spodermanfan1000

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2 You type something in chat and you made a mistake, Then you have to wait 7 seconds to fix it and someone says "You're*"
3 People making sex clubs in creative servers.

People get banned for doing that.

Are 27x27 plots even just big enough to make that? - MChkflaguard_Yt

4 Crashes
5 Spammers

Minecraft has the most annoying spammers out of all spammers. All they do is say s s s s s s s. as. S s s s s s.

6 Advertisers

YEA! On mineplex there advertising a very BAD server called crib city it sucks. - spodermanfan1000

On mineplex there is a big problem right now with spammers advertising crib city. But they changed the ip so it doesn't look like crib city. If you ever see a player saying an ip and stuff like "fun minigames" and then "Join now! " DO NOT JOIN! Crib city hacks you and steals your account!

7 Being Alone
8 Grammar Nazis

What do you have against grammar Nazis?

Umm what do you mean? - MChkflaguard_Yt

9 Bullies
10 "Say 123 for a bf/gf"

The first thing you hear when you log in to a popular Minecraft server.

Lifeboat PE should be deleted because of this problem.


In edawg878 server say 123 is not allowed to say that - SpencerJC

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11 Pay to win

I hate these types of servers, like Hypixel where it gives op kits to donaters and nobody else stands a chance. The kits should be earned by getting credits, not by paying money - SammySpore

Especially on vip servers

Time to list.
and so, so many more. - mattstat716

12 Your in a game waiting. And then when the game starts, You get sent back to the lobby.
13 Getting banned for a dumb reason

Me got banned for using the brown keyboard.

On a server called PocketMiners I got banned for helping a spammer and I didn't realized it I only did when he started doing it. Then he got banned and now the next step me I tried to give me a second chance and then " no argruing" now..i'm done but with some luck I was able to not be banned but then things again came up...i talked about a little bit of dilma because I like talking about presidents and then " no politics" whaat?! Then I said what kind of rule was that and it was made to not insult the president and their country but I tell you I promise you I never told something bad about dilma I only asked what did she did wrong to be taken out her president posse?

14 Headphone/hoodie people with the hoodie covering the mouth

All they do on survival world servers is kill you for dumb reasons.

Or doing silly things on the server that makes you wanna cane them - MChkflaguard_Yt

NEVER LEAVE YOU ALONE when they start shiftting join a game as quick has possible or LEAVE

They look so ugly but so many people are using these skins

by the way none of them play well or at least OK,all they do is bullying everyone without a gamer skin and being rude/arrogant and causes some kind of nuisance. - MChkflaguard_Yt

15 A VIP 'stealing your spot' in games

Hive premium 'snuck' into a hive block party minigame

16 Servers are mediocre

Most servers only has survival creative prison and factions ONLY. Hardly any new minigames,and if there are,limited to sg or SW only. This means literally every server is the same and there's no need to join more servers. R.I.P my hope on servers - MChkflaguard_Yt

17 Snooty people

They just bully people by looking like a "pro" And factions isn't everything
Victims are usually F2P players becauae they never buy perks or ranks. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Did you beat me? "Oh wow, you suck, I wish I could play a decent person" Did I beat you? "Oh wow, you just spam fireball/jitterclick/'hack', you suck." Do I not have a rank? "Wow, you need to get a rank. You look like a tiny little noob over there with your faded chat and no perks." Have I never been here before? "Wow, look at that noob he doesn't even have a faction yet." COULD YOU JUST GO AWAY ALREADY? (Most commonly found on bloated servers)

18 Lag
19 Corrupt Staff

I agree, the mcmagic staff are nothing but bigoted control freaks. They make so many stupid rules and try to control and censor everything. If you say one bad thing they clear the whole chat. And if you complain about them they tell you to be nice to staff or just ban or mute you. I hate them all.

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20 Hackers

Hacking will have consequences!

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1. You're about to win a game and then all a sudden, Time Out
2. You type something in chat and you made a mistake, Then you have to wait 7 seconds to fix it and someone says "You're*"
3. People making sex clubs in creative servers.



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